OK, This Will Send You Over The Edge. Light Bulbs To Cost $ 50.00

 Steve’s Commentary. They Should Bite Me!!

Oh Yea, Dear Law Makers.. Please Bite Me.

LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms

By Peter Svensson, Ap Technology Writer – May 16, 2011
NEW YORK – Two leading makers of lighting products are showcasing LED bulbs that are bright enough to replace energy-guzzling 100-watt light bulbs set to disappear from stores in January.
Their demonstrations at the LightFair trade show in Philadelphia this week mean that brighter LED bulbs will likely go on sale next year, but after a government ban takes effect.
The new bulbs will also be expensive — about $50 each — so the development may not prevent consumers from hoarding traditional bulbs.
The technology in traditional “incandescent” bulbs is more than a century old. Such bulbs waste most of the electricity that feeds them, turning it into heat. The 100-watt bulb, in particular, produces so much heat that it’s used in Hasbro‘s Easy-Bake Oven.
To encourage energy efficiency, Congress passed a law in 2007 mandating that bulbs producing 100 watts worth of light meet certain efficiency goals, starting in 2012. Conventional light bulbs don’t meet those goals, so the law will prohibit making or importing them. The same rule will start apply to remaining bulbs 40 watts and above in 2014. Since January, California has already banned stores from restocking 100-watt incandescent bulbs.
Creating good alternatives to the light bulb has been more difficult than expected, especially for the very bright 100-watt bulbs. Part of the problem is that these new bulbs have to fit into lamps and ceiling fixtures designed for older technology.
Compact fluorescents are the most obvious replacement, but they have drawbacks. They contain a small amount of toxic mercury vapor, which is released if they break or are improperly thrown away. They last longer than traditional bulbs but not as long as LEDs. Brighter models are bulky and may not fit in existing fixtures.
Here’s Steve again. What this means is that if you break one you basically need to call the Hazmat Team. Read the directions on back. There are like 14 steps to clean up. First step is: Get out of house.
Another new lighting technology, organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, has had problems reaching mass production. OLEDs are glowing sheets or tiles, rather than pinprick light sources, as LEDs are. They’re used as vibrant color screens for smartphones, particularly from Samsung Electronics Co.
But making OLEDs that are big, bright, cheap and long-lasting enough for use as light sources has proved difficult, in part because they use chemicals that are sensitive to oxygen and spoil unless sealed very carefully.
Acuity Brands Inc., an Atlanta-based maker of light fixtures, will be showing some OLED panels at the show. They will go on sale next year, but the price will likely make them technology showpieces rather than candidates for everyday lighting.
LEDs are efficient, durable and produced in great quantities, but they’re still expensive. An LED bulb can contain a dozen light-emitting diodes, or tiny semiconductor chips, which cost about $1 each.
The big problem with LEDs is that although they don’t produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs, the heat they do create shortens the lifespan and reduces the efficiency of the chips. Cramming a dozen chips together in a tight bulb-shaped package that fits in today’s lamps and sockets makes the heat problem worse. The brighter the bulb, the bigger the problem is.
The most powerful pear-shaped LED bulbs in stores today — the kind that fits existing lamps — produce light equivalent to a 60-watt bulb, though there are more powerful ones for directional or flood lighting.
Osram Sylvania, a unit of Germany’s Siemens AG, said it has overcome the heat problem and will be showing a pear-shaped 100-watt-equivalent LED bulb this week. It doesn’t have a firm launch date, but it usually shows products about a year before they hit store shelves.
Lighting Sciences Group Corp., a Satellite Beach, Fla.-based company that specializes in LED lighting, will be showing several 100-watt-equivalent prototypes, including some that solve the problem of cooling the LEDs by using microscopic devices that move air over the chips, like miniature fans.
Before the 100-watters, there will be 75-watters on the shelves this year. Osram Sylvania will be selling them at Lowe’s starting in July. Royal Philips Electronics NV, the world’s biggest lighting maker, will have them in stores late this year for $40 to $45.
YooHoo, Steve again. Now that is good. Hey at $ 40-$45 I’ll be stocking up. 🙁   OK, I can’t go on as I will now blow up my laptop.

Yup, That is me. Guess I won't post for a couple. LOL

To read the rest of this friggen “You can take my light bulbs from my dead cold hands” idiot Gov’t law, please go HERE

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Mad Angel is on FB
Mad Angel is on FB

>chuckle< I posted about this on my wall yesterday….so much for "TECHNOLOGICAL IMPROVEMENTS" it's all about CORPORATE PROFITS


for crying out loud-this is pathetic.


Steve I have been doing the same thing. I buy them everytime I make a trip. This is ridiculous. Unless they create a bulb police to invade your house, to check for incandescents, we are set. lol

Mad Angel is on FB
Mad Angel is on FB

LOL….from where I sit (a tiny island called Akutan in the Aleutian chain of Alaska) I can vouch for “climate change”….but it’s not getting warmer it’s getting cooler…we didn’t even have berries last year due to the “change” I think it was due to the fact that the insects were too cold to pollinate more than a few blossoms…..
thanks for the entertainment 🙂

Mad Angel is on FB
Mad Angel is on FB

Actually Eowyn….the population here in “the village” is about 100….Trident seafood processing plant is also located down the bay from the village and their population fluctuates from 30 year round (clerical and food services) employees to up to 900 seasonally….most are immigrants from all over the world and are usually here for a few months at a time…..
more info….there are no roads here, only the “boardwalk” (literally made of boards) and the only vehicles are ATV’s except for the van that goes between the plant and the post office
it’s like another planet 🙂

Mad Angel is on FB
Mad Angel is on FB

yes I’ve been here for 3 years….I work part time in the Library…. and yes I call this place “the tropics of Alaska” not much snow and NEVER gets hot
it does however have gale force (hurricane force) winds regularly… (they can really be a problem)
the average annual lows are 22 and the highs 55…..but, when the sun does break through the clouds it can reach into the high 60’s or low 70’s…so coming from California (in the 100’s) I love that part 🙂


Good grief…when are these enviro freaks going to get it? You really think they are going to cough up this much money for a light bulb? I’d bet $20 they are already stocking up on light bulbs as well….


Maybe this will be what it takes to FINALLY get the STOOPID AMERICAN SHEEPLE off their FAT ASSES!
Nahh, who am I kidding?
I mean, if they haven’t gotten off them by now…


LEDs: Not just price,
but poison concerns…
See the recent University of California research into LEDs,
the lead and arsenic content, and the breakage cleanup and disposal recommendations (as with CFLs)
as covered earlier here,
also https://ceolas.net/#li20ledx