Breaking – D.C.Terror Plot Foiled

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Details are lacking….


Terror Plot in DC Broken Up
ABC News has learned the FBI and DEA have broken up a major terror plot in Washington D.C. connected to Iran.
According to ABC, the plot involved an assassination attempt on the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. by means of a bomb attack. The plot also involved attacks on the Saudi and Israeli embassies in D.C.
Attorney General Eric Holder will brief the press at 2pm.

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0 responses to “Breaking – D.C.Terror Plot Foiled

  1. Wonder what alphabet agency was responsible for this one?

  2. Now with all these “supposed ” plots that are amazingly infiltrated and then broken up by the “super” governmental acronym agencies.
    Don’t you figure that with all these plots there would be some that didn’t get infiltrated, and there would be some kind of attack/ bombing.
    Yet there hasn’t been.
    ALL this sweems like more false flag operations setting up for another pearl harbor/ 9-11 style event / attack, to errode our right even more.
    You realize the CIA & MI (Military Intelligence) are so involved in all of these events. Remember Eisenhower warned of the millitary industrial complex, and now we have the global pharmicholigical (industrial) complex.
    The theres always that pesky U.N……

  3. Convenient, considering that investigations into Holder’s knowledge of gun-running are coming to a head and he could very well be found guilty of crimes. Watch for a huge diversion to happen, soon. Personally, I think that’s what’s happening with the “Occupy” protest – the Big Setup.

  4. Maybe it is just me but I never ever believe any of these types of reports out of DC. If and when a terrorist plot in planned it will happen quickly and without warning. But I am such a skeptic that I don’t even worry about hurricane warnings anymore. Its all just scare tactics.

  5. Yawn. Another false flag op, coming up! Gotta get the sheeple ready for when Israel & the US hit Iran later this year… or whatever is deemed good enough for a distraction to stop voters from scrutinising the Fraud or Wall Street’s banksters.

  6. yeah okay obama single handedly charged into a hotel and killed 2 of the attackers and forced the others to surrender under intense interrogation
    (threats of obmacare) were used the terrorists admitted that they were going to plant bombs praise be to obama so great and wonerful… ackkkk i think this is just more bullshit to cover up the vast ineptitude of this dumb ass administration

  7. Where they stop a plot to attack here in this country; there are more right behidn them waiting to succeed. not so good. but at least they stopped the current one..

  8. criminals holder and obama need a distraction really BAD right now.

  9. I’m reading comments and I am sooooo glad that I am not alone in my disbelief and skepticism. Thanks FOTM folks! oxoxoxoxoxox

    • HP, this nonsense has been going on for a LONG time. Lincoln deliberately provoked retaliation from the South, then blamed them for the War; ditto FDR, LBJ, Dubya, Clunt-on, and now the Fraud. The sooner we string them all up and let God sort it out, the better for what’s left of the nation.

  10. There must be a diversion for Fast and Furious/Gunwalker, because HILLARY is in the mix now. And Barry didn’t know about this? Or Holder?
    The jobs bill has been tossed in the Senate. We hear that Barry is taking short work days (4 pm) and shutting himself away in his office (probably watching “the big game”, but takes briefing files with him.
    If a big one comes down the pike, compliments of Big Sis or whoever, there won’t be an election, we’ll have martial law. He’s a desperate man with a lot of desperate people behind him, but they are only a handful against us.

  11. And now we learn that this plot involved Iranians trying to hire Mexican Drug Cartels to do the deed. What are the odds!
    Somehow, this will be the “out” that Holder and the Administration needs – they couldn’t avow any knowledge of “Fast and Furious” because that would have jeapordized intelligence.
    Just watch.

  12. What a great bunch of worldly-wise comments! You’re all on top of your game, and will NOT be duped by the PTB!


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