OK, now this pisses me off. Bring it.

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I do not care what you think of Sarah Palin, you do not treat a young woman this way. You do not speak of someones Mom this way. OK, here comes the heat, bring it on. I am so sick and e=ffin tired of the Gay Victim crap. I do not care your preference. If you want to jam it in someones face I will fight you to the end.
Here I will say once and for all, if you want equal rights then act like equals, not like we owe you because we don’t. If I was in this bar I would have beat the crap out of everyone who opened their mouth. Kinda funny Bristol nailed it off the bat. You wanna hate, you have no idea of the backlash heading your way. Anyone have something to say. Bring it……..Steve
You know this is the true face of this abomanation. Keep prancing down NY, or SF naked and perverted in front of families. Eff P.C. You will never win. In fact you will be steam rolled if you force that on Families. Momma and Pappa Bears are getting fed up.

PS Read the comments after vid. Kinda funny.
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  1. thanks for saying what needs to be said Steve. This guy wouldn’t have had the guts to say this to a man’s face. Bristol demonstrated courage. I could never have walked away from that,I am also sick of their brazen rudeness.

  2. If they keep this up (and they will), there is going to be a backlash.
    And it ain’t going to be pretty, either.

    • Steve,
      If I were Todd Palin, I’d have been riding a bench in a lockup somewhere awaiting trial for assault with the intent to kill a long time ago.
      No joke.
      And Prissy Tingles would have been first on my list.

      • Just saw the whole video…that “man” would have been feeling some of my self-defense techniques by now. The physical kind. Arsehole…

  3. This is TOTAL crap! He then later gets all up in her face and they tell him to back off and he spouts off about, ” WHAT? She came up to me!” She handled it WAY better than I would have! And she was very diplomatic, in that she said she would give Sarah a call and try to let her explain herself to this guy, and that Bristol is not her mother even if she does share her views.
    But that’s all beside the point…the point is I would haout cold, after disrespecting not only her, but her mother. NO ONE needs to go up to a young lady, (especially a 47yr. old *ahem* “man”), and treat her like this POS did! I’m with ya…it will probably get uglier as time goes on…but enough is enough!

  4. How miserable this guys life must be to be so full of hate & vile.
    Kudos to Bristol.

    • True, he’s not even sensible about it, he just hates Palin… projection, perhaps? (Was waiting for Bristol to kick his butt in the video, honestly.)

  5. tbm@tryingtobecoolhere.com

    Words are words … If you guys start physically attacking people over words then you’ll end up in jail and not being able to vote in upcoming elections. The Palin hater, however, regardless of a few broken bones, will be able to vote.
    I’m a lib and I admit this guy is an douch bag .. No reason to get violent over words though.
    So this whole backlash that you say is “coming” — I think the side that ends up making this a physical confrontation will end up sowing the seeds of their own destruction. You can easily get a felony conviction and never be allowed to vote again.


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