Duct Tape Time: Al-Aqaeda Disputes Legality of US Killing al-Awlaki

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Posted at 03:14 PM ET, 10/10/2011
By Jason Ukman
Umm , just wondering , but after Pearl Harbor and we started fighting back and killing people from Axis powers did we send out condolences to them. No because we were at war with them. Same thing here. I know I’ll get grief over the killing of an American. They up their Constitutional rights when they started trying to kill us.  ——————-  ~Steve~ ————————————
Al-Qaeda joins those questioning legality of U.S. killing of citizen Anwar al-Awlaki.

Guess you should have stayed here. Sucks for you.

(Associated Press via SITE Intelligence Group)
Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen has confirmed the deaths of American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, the young American propagandist killed alongside him in a U.S. drone strike late last month.
Al-Qaeda has also criticized the Obama administration for killing U.S. citizens, saying doing so “contradicts” American law.
“Where are what they keep talking about regarding freedom, justice, human rights and respect of freedoms?!” the statement says, according to a translation by SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist Web sites.
The Obama administration has spoken in broad terms about its authority to use military and paramilitary force against al-Qaeda and associated forces, and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula would find itself hard-pressed to claim the moral high ground in the debate over the killing of Awlaki and Khan.
But the killing of two U.S. citizens has prompted outrage among civil liberties groups, as well as a debate in legal circles about the basis for the administration’s position.
The Washington Post’s Peter Finn reported after the strike that Awlaki’s killing had been authorized in a secret Justice Department memo, a revelation that later prompted senior Democratic senators and scholars to call for its release. Over the weekend, The New York Times quoted people who have read the document as saying that the memo found it would be lawful to kill the cleric only if it were not possible to take him alive. The memo, the Times said, was narrowly drawn to the specifics of Awlaki’s case.
Among those who have raised legal objections to the strike: Samir Khan’s family in Charlotte, N.C.
In a statement, the family said that, Khan was a “law-abiding citizen of the United States” and “was never implicated of any crime.”
“Was this style of execution the only solution?” the family said. “Why couldn’t there have been a capture and trial?”
Khan’s relatives also described themselves as “appalled by the indifference shown to us by our government,” saying they had not been contacted by a U.S. official.
After the release of the statement, the Charlotte Observer reported, an official from the State Department called the family last week to offer the government’s condolences.
“They were very apologetic [for not calling the family sooner] and offered condolences,” Jibril Hough, a family spokesman, told the Observer.

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0 responses to “Duct Tape Time: Al-Aqaeda Disputes Legality of US Killing al-Awlaki

  1. Capture if possible, but neutralization (however that happens) of the threat is first priority… that’s war.

  2. It makes me sick at my stomach when I read articles such as this. An American who would involve himself in Al-Qaeda activities against his own country deserves to die. There should be no apologies to any one, family included.

  3. First of all we should have never let him or his parents immigrate to the US.
    Since he was considered an American citizen.
    He should have been tried by law in absentia if need be. Then a death warrant issued.
    constantly violating the Constitution has gotten us to this point.
    We have also given forigners priority over American citizens.
    This playing policeman of the world is stupid.
    If a country or regime threatens us; smash them into the stone age and block any technology into their country.
    They will be to busy surviving and will not be concerned with any threatening actions that mean anything.

  4. Wow… I had a feeling this was going to get to be a mangled mess of legalities…ugh

  5. Since when did Al Qaeda start caring about laws?

  6. I am always disturbed when I read post such a this. Someone answer me this question, so it is justified to assassinate an American citizens whether he was associated with a terrorist organization-the same terrorist organization with ties to the CIA? If it is justified then why wasn’t Bill Aires and McVeigh assassinated for their actions. To be perfectly honest it’s hard to believe anything this government says. https://www.groundreport.com/US/Al-Awlaki-sibling-claims-Anwar-is-still-alive/2941654

  7. There are laws governing traitors, especially during war or acts of war. As far as I’m concerned, the traitor deserved what he got. However, I don’t understand how a US citizen traitor can get blown to kingdom come while we still have war criminals vacationing at Gitmo. We’re going after our “own” people while foreign enemies get better treatment than local prisoners in a lot of cases.

  8. As far as I am concerned, Awlaki willingly forfeited his American citizenship the moment he took the side of those working for the destruction of our country.
    Now he’s food for sand fleas, and that’s a good thing.
    I say kill them all, and let Allah sort them out.

  9. When America was Attacted on: 9/11/2001, President Bush said: “We Will Make No Distinction Between The Terrorist Who Committed These Acts And Those That Harbor Them!”
    Anwar al-Awlaki Made His Own Decission to Betray America and Join The Terrorist that Attacked America!
    It Was His Own Free-Will Choice To Join The Enemies of My Country Knew What His Choice Meant!.. And As Promissed By President Bush; “We Make No Distinction Between The Terrorist!”…….”Ben Laden or Anwar al-Awlaki; …There Is No Difference!”
    Over 600,000 Americans Were Killed During the Civil War!…Many Were Ambushed and Killed Without A Trial By A Jury of Their Peers!…Did Any Americans Back Then Feel Sympathy for The Other Side Because of the Way They Died In A Time Of War?
    “We All Make Choices Every Day!…We Live or Die; By Some of Those Choices!”


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