OK, don't think this is good. Groan..

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I know we’re broke and all, but somehow this one gives me the willies. So if you want to check SS statement online..well click the page link.
Nice, now there is no way to see what contributions have been credit to your SS#
Just part of a much bigger plan!
~Steve~         H/T  May

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0 responses to “OK, don't think this is good. Groan..

  1. the ONLY thing this govt. is good at is pure corruption. I am really,tired of their criminal B.S.

  2. Most transparent government evah!

  3. Now we know what Bernie Madoff’s is doing to repay his debt to society.

  4. Just like they’re going to stop issuing paper savings bonds on 1 Jan 2012 and switch to “accounts” instead… they can make it say whatever then, when you want to get your money, it’ll be “Uh, we’re a little short, how ’bout some government cheese instead?”


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