Ohio governor vetoes 'heartbeat' abortion bill, but passes 20-week ban

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At six weeks, your sweet pea is developing central organs such as: kidney, liver, and lungs. Your baby’s heart beat runs between 80 and 150 times per minute. An ultrasound/checkup at this time will take a very long time to ensure that your baby is growing healthy.
Yet Planned Parenthood wants to celebrate  a victory of the heartbeat bill defeat! Yeah to women’s health care abortion!

From USA Today: COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday rejected the so-called “heartbeat bill,” breaking with his party to veto legislation that would have given Ohio the strictest abortion ban in the nation.
Kasich did tighten Ohio’s abortion laws by signing a bill that would prevent abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation, when opponents of the procedure say fetuses can feel pain.

A baby at 20 weeks gestation

A baby at 20 weeks gestation

Still, the governor will face backlash from conservative Republicans for killing the bill they say would have prevented thousands of abortions. The measure prohibited abortions after a fetal heartbeat was detected, as early as six weeks’ gestation.
Janet Porter, a northeast Ohio activist who has led the effort to pass the bill, sent a message to her supporters Tuesday: “IT IS NOT OVER.” She urged them to encourage Republicans to override Kasich’s veto before the new legislative session kicks off January 3 – a prospect that seems unlikely.
Many Republican lawmakers, emboldened by Donald Trump’s recent election, wanted Kasich to sign the more restrictive ban. GOP leaders like Senate President Keith Faber saw an opportunity to use the heartbeat bill to overturn Roe v. Wade, counting on new Trump-appointed, conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices.
In vetoing the bill, Kasich pointed to judicial precedent, saying the legislation was “clearly contrary to the Supreme Court of the United States’ current rulings on abortion.”
The governor joined Ohio Right to Life and several Republican lawmakers who opposed the six-week ban, saying similar measures already were ruled unconstitutional in North Dakota and Arkansas. Why spend taxpayer money defending the law?
“The State of Ohio will be the losing party in a lawsuit and, as the losing party, the State of Ohio will be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to cover the legal fees for the pro-choice activists’ lawyers,” Kasich wrote in a veto message.
Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis praised Kasich’s approach. “While it must have been difficult, the current make-up of a radically pro-abortion Supreme Court required the governor to exercise great restraint,” Gonidakis said.
The 20-week ban will restrict access to abortion while still chipping away at Roe v. Wade, abortion opponents such as Gonidakis argue. Still, it does not include exceptions for rape, incest or severe fetal anomalies. It does include an exception to save the life of a pregnant woman.
More than a dozen states have a ban on abortions after 20 weeks gestation. Still, those could be overturned or taken to the Supreme Court for ruling. Current Supreme Court standards say states may not limit abortions before a fetus is viable outside the womb, generally accepted as 24 weeks’ gestation.
Abortion rights’ supporters seem torn on how to respond to Kasich’s veto. They celebrated a victory with the heartbeat bill’s defeat, but they also adamantly opposed the 20-week ban, which was seen as an extension of Ohio Republicans’ continued fight to reduce access to abortions. The state had 14 abortion clinics in 2013 and now has nine. Cincinnati has one surgical abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood clinic in Mount Auburn, and it nearly lost its license to operate last year.
Pro-abort Planned Parenthood exec Dawn Laguens

Pro-abort Planned Parenthood exec Dawn Laguens

“Don’t let John Kasich fool you. He is one of the most extreme anti-abortion governors in this country. Kasich is on a mission to make abortion illegal in Ohio, and he’s intent on using smoke and mirrors and backdoor politics to do it,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, in a statement.
Very few abortions are performed after 20 weeks in Ohio. Last year, 145 abortions occurred at 21 weeks or later, according to Ohio Department of Health records. The 20-week ban will take effect in 90 days.

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0 responses to “Ohio governor vetoes 'heartbeat' abortion bill, but passes 20-week ban

  1. Damn you, John Kasich. Thank God you lost in the GOP primaries.
    And with this, I now finally and completely understand why Kasich was the initial presidential choice of my self-described “moderate Democrat” lawyer friend, who voted for Hillary in the end. And why he is no longer my friend.

    • I agree with your sentiment most whole- heartedly, but even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.
      I hate to give him credit for anything, but I think he got this one right.

  2. Kasich is being the typical politician . Throw a few crumbs to the left , toss a few to the right …….That way everybody in Ohio votes for him .
    Much like the 2nd amendment , you can’t straddle the fence and play politics with it …….Your either for it or against it ….
    If the heart is beating , it is a living child …….Not that hard to figure out .
    Is it ?

  3. SCOTUS will try to shut even this restriction down. I don’t like Kasich, but you better be happy with what he signed for now. I think this law is “defensible” under the Tenth Amendment. But if you guys push for the “heartbeat at the size of a pea”. you will lose……again.
    Take what you can get… NOW! The Christian Moralists have been losing for 44 years. How about trying to win one battle that you probably can win at this time. Even if it is not what you want, it is a HUGE improvement over what PP has now.
    Tactics, Grasshopper, Tactics! The Lib/Prog Abortionists have won for 44 years, you must change the “battleground dynamic”. Use the Tenth Amendment. If you use the “Religious Argument” you will lose, we simply aren’t moral enough to accept it. If you use the “6 weeks, size of a pea” argument, you will lose because the Sheeple won’t believe it. You have to have a stance that is Logical to the average person. The “average person” accepts abortion as a ‘woman’s right”. Right or wrong, but when you are picking a fight, pick one you can win. Many folks start to get “uncomfortable” about abortion when the “fetus” becomes “viable”, it is then a “baby” not “just a bunch of tissue”. That is about 26 weeks, where a “Preemie” has a good chance. That was where I thought you would have to start.
    The 20 week Deal is much better. The “feels pain” argument is good! People are sick to death of PP, they want them to back off, and not get Tax payer money. I believe you can win now, with a “winnable argument”, and 6 weeks ain’t it!
    The Lib/Progs have had 44 years and almost unlimited money to brainwash the Sheeple. We have to cut off the Govt Money and start making the Voter think about what abortion really is – they are killing American children to replace them with foreign immigrants that will buy their International Socialism crap.
    I know it sucks for Moral People not to be able to win on a Moral Issue with a Moral Argument, but life sometimes sucks. So “Suck it up, Buttercups!” and gird yourselves with your armor of God’s Law and Morality, but fight the battle with weapons that can win. Whip ’em this time, and next time will be easier and a bigger win. But we’ve gotta start to win to ever get the Popular Argument back to where morality even has a chance. And people want abortion for rape, bad medical stuff & addictions’ terrible fetal problems, and totally unwanted pregnancies – so there must be a reasonable time limit. For now I think 20 weeks should be generally acceptable, but the FemiNazis will pitch a fit. But they have lost a lot of credibility, so now is the time to hit them, hard! They pushed it too far. Partial Birth, abortions for very young girls without parental consent, and the “sex education” pushing homosexual experimentation has cost PP a tremendous amount of support, folks are just sick of them. And getting all the tax money! Keep harping on what the people already hate!
    Lawyer, Doctors and Economists know that making abortion illegal will cause more problems than we can deal with, and abortions are just too easy, a ban would just create another Outlaw Industry, and there is no “will” to enforce it.
    So … Take what you can get! Then we can try to build on it. But the “Dynamic” must be shifted to restriction first. And strengthening the Tenth Amendment will be very useful in a dozen other legal battles with the Lib/Progs. We can win in the States on many issues that are difficult to impossible to win in Sodom-on-the-Potomac.
    I know I’m “The Bad Guy” here because I’m not totally for making abortion illegal, but I do want the Pro-Life people to win this one. We need some balance in our Immoral society, and to try to turn around this crazy Death-Spiral of immorality caused by the Lib/Progs. It is a CULTURE WAR, and it must be fought like a war, with tactics and weapons that can win – in court and public opinion. And our ‘Battles” must be chosen to be winnable with the weapons and tactics that we have at the time, not what is “right” or Ideal.

    • Fetuses look like human babies easily by 10-12 weeks. And even babies born at 23 weeks have a chance at survival.

      • I don’t want to argue about details. I just want to try and convince people how to actually win something on this issue.
        I trying to address this as a Tactical Problem, and how to win it.
        The Lib/Progs have been winning too much for too long. I just want to convince people how to win it little by little. At least back to what I think is a reasonable compromise that get through into law. Abortion should be allowed for medical reasons, in case of rape or incest, and the Choice people should get 12 weeks, maybe have to give them 20 weeks to start, but you can whittle that down AFTER you get a RESTRICTION that sticks.
        Abortion is still immoral, but less immoral than the barbaric mess we have now. A National Disgrace by any measure.

        • I’m just trying to come with something that I think will work for Voters, the Courts, and enough Politicians to get passed and stay passed. What I say is what I think will “work” now.
          I don’t care what they do in New Yuck or Califailure for now. I only care about AMERICA and AMERICANS! We can’t have Planned Parenthood “educating” kids about morals or what is “normal” sex. We must pry them away from sucking up the Taxpayers dollars.
          The view might be nice from the Moral High Ground, but all you see from there is the damn Lib/Progs winning!
          Next they will be giving boys ‘Simulated Abortions’ as a requirement to graduate from High Screwool! (That was Sarcasm, but it is risky, might give those FemiNazis an idea.)

  4. Kasich is a creep.

  5. Kasich was a very unappealing candidate. Seemed devious and dishonest.
    Both sides of the state legislature voted for heartbeat knowing that if it were passed,
    1-The state would spend a lot to unsuccessfully defend it in court?
    2-Or they voted for it so they could be heroes to their constituents knowing in advance Kasich would veto it?
    3-They have strong moral convictions against infanticide?
    Really it is amazing the depth and extent of the arguments, when pregnancy is not inevitable, it is elective. It is not an illness; not a woman’s health issue.
    It is not a human right to deliberately create a life so you can end it.
    God creates life, but people have to decide to have sex without intending to give birth or have a family.
    If having intercourse is not part of the plan to become a parent, what is it, planning to have an abortion?
    So if he had passed it, how many unborn’s lives would have been saved before the atheists would get it overturned in court, assuming they would get it overturned in court.
    How many dumb sluts might be enlightened by the publicity surrounding the trial, there by saving additional lives.
    Not enough to ‘matter’ to a big f**king shot like Kasich?
    Saving money is more important than saving lives?
    Maybe Jeb already told Kasich that they are going to assassinate Trump and the next SCOTUS appointment will be a Liberal; irresponsible promiscuity will continue to be the national passtime.
    We can be grateful Kasich was not around when it was being determined whether or not to declare independence from England.
    Thought it over some more and still say Kasich is a creep

  6. From http://www.aspenideas.org (Spotlight Health 2016) at which Dawn Laguens was a speaker, comes this bio:
    “Dawn Laguens is executive vice president and chief experience officer of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She led the successful campaign to defeat the Pence amendment, a congressional effort that would have eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood nationwide and has since shaped the organization’s message, including the response to the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to cut Planned Parenthood funding and defending access to no-copay birth control. Before joining PPFA in 2006, Laguens founded LKK Partners communications firm, where her clients included governors, members of Congress, EMILY’s List, the NEA, and Freedom to Marry.”
    This is a video which in effect is a long commercial for P.P. on the Young Turks. wherein Laguens manages to get the word “crusade” in very early on and states that Tim Kaine “evolved” in his thinking about P.P. (after enough brow beating which is called ‘education’). The interviewer (a real bonehead) takes out a condom at the end of the ‘interview’ to advertise them for P.P.. They are called “Protect Yourself From Trump” condoms. Real classy.

    Here is an audio ‘interview’ by Fox’ Alan Colmes, a cheerleader for infanticide, taped in June 2016 after the “supreme(s)” ruled against Texas. Laguens claims the ruling will have nationwide effect. Because some abortuaries had been shut down, women’s lives were so ‘difficult’ having to drive extra miles in the State of TX to murder their infants. But now P.P. will be able to “undo the damage”. “We will not stop until we restore women’s access to this [Constitutional] right ] to access ‘health care’ (aka infanticide).
    Dawn Laguens apparently can’t encourage, promote, fund, and cheerlead for ENOUGH infanticide to satisfy her penchant for BLOOD SACRIFICE.

    • We can beat the Bloody Bitches if we do it little by little. But you will never win an Abortion Ban at the Federal Level.
      Restrict it at the State level by using the 10th Amendment! After that gets accepted as “normal & lawful” then you can start tightening the restrictions. Maybe even to a ban except for “health of the mother” in some States, but the people should decide, not rich pressure groups.

      • Longknife I HEAR you. Sadly, I am a grandparent, who lost my first grandbaby at 23—nearly 24 weeks….due some plecentia problems…the CHILD was healthy and strong…..but the plecentia was not….& the mom and dad did all they could to prolong the environment that this child required to live….a week or more…longer before coming to us……and it did not work. When I THINK of “people” amongst us who have no reserve about “chopping up” a viable child at this gestational age in order to honor the “mother’s” right to abortion…..I LITERALLY get sick to my stomach…. I will mourn this loss my entire life, and I can NOT “honor” or understand the “legal right” of anyone who views an abortion as a “federal right” as opposed to a “moral right.” When you pit the “right to life” against the “right to life,” it appears to me that we’ve not made a moral or legal progress…….and, appears to me that we need a Solomon……..

  7. The time is coming. Before too long the SCOUS will have the votes needed to end this modern-day slaughter. Abortion is not healthcare. What ever happened to ‘First Do No Harm’? The Government needs to stop funding (un)planned parent hood, starting January 20, 2017. Even if PP stops murdering babies, there’s no good reason for the government to fund them. Let them operate like any other charitable organization. Then you’ll see how much people REALLY support them.

    • Absolutely! The Govt has no Constitutional mandate to touch this! Much less financially support it!
      The Tenth Amendment is the key to shut up all the pro-abortion arguments! It simply does NOT belong to the Federal Govt.

      • Other than controlling the borders, coining debt-free money, and garbage collection, what does belong to the Feds? 🙂

        • Garbage collection isn’t there.Article I sec 8 lists the powers of Congress. Article II explains the executive power of the President & V.P. Section 2 & 3 explain his Powers. Article III explains the powers of the Courts.

  8. I’m sorry for your loss. You must be a very loving parent and grandparent. And as you are a moral person, I can understand your pain at someone else destroying a child like the one you miss so much..
    But the ugly truth is some people need their “line cut off”, let the dirtbags volunteer for it, but you should not have to pay for it. Let the sin be on the head of the sinner, not spread out through our whole society and culture by an unConstitutional Govt that has usurped powers that are not mandated to it.
    In reading the Constitution, I can not find anything that mandates the power for any of this issue to any branch of the Federal Govt. The Supreme Court used previous false decisions and a flagrant misinterpretation of the “General Welfare clause” to usurp the power give women “the right to an abortion”. Obviously abortion does NOT serve the General Welfare of our nation, so even that argument was/is false EVEN if there is any way anyone can find anything that honestly empowers any branch of the Federal Govt to have anything to do with this issue.
    Ultimately, this is between the woman, her ‘doctor’, and her God, or conscience, or whatever. I think it should be shunned, perhaps even condemned by Govt, but not criminalized. It simply isn’t the “Govt’s business.”
    But if people want laws at the State level, that is Constitutional, but not at the Federal.

  9. This last was for CalGirl. I goofed up the “Reply”. Sorry.

  10. Agree, to a point. I add, “viablility” of life does not depend upon the State in the USA in which a “mother” resides….or even the COUNTRY in which a “mother” resides. And, THAT, dear friends is the conundrum—-the interface between “government” and biology that we wrestle with in the past…and yet today….with NO “good” answer for either the beleaguered “mother”…or the life yet to be born……

    • All life is ‘viable’ until it isn’t; until it comes to its natural end.

    • You seem to be discussing the “philosophy”, the point we are fighting the Federal Govt on is the Law. The Federal Govt was created and empowered with limited powers by the Constitution. There is no mandate for the Federal Govt to make any Law on this issue, therefor it properly belongs to the States.


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