Ohio governor, flanked by six men, signs stringent abortion restrictions into law

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Score one for the unborm

Score one for the unborn

NY Daily News: It is a striking image: Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, flanked by six men, signing stringent abortion restrictions into law as part of the state’s new budget Sunday night.

Karen Kasler, a local reporter for Ohio Public Radio and TV’s Statehouse  News Bureau, captured the image and shared it on Twitter, where it received a  flurry of comments asking: “Where are the women?”

“I could see how you could conclude that there were no women involved in the final part of the budget process, because there weren’t,” Kasler tells Whispers.  The six men standing behind Kasich include the four Republicans on the six-member Ohio budget conference committee, the state budget director and the  Senate president.

“The way it was lined up behind him… folks looked at that and said ‘Where was the diversity?’ Not just for women, but for diversity in general,” she says. While there were female reporters in the room, no female elected officials were present.

The new abortion provisions will make it harder for family planning groups  like Planned Parenthood to receive federal funding, while making it easier for  crisis pregnancy centers, which often counsel women against having an abortion,  to receive the same money. The provisions also work to keep abortion clinics  from obtaining transfer agreements with public hospitals and require doctors to  perform ultrasounds before an abortion, informing the woman if they find a  heartbeat.

Before signing the budget into law, Kasich indicated to local reporters that  he would not veto the abortion measures, saying: “Keep in mind, I am  pro-life.”

Ohio’s new abortion restrictions come just days after state Sen. Wendy  Davis, D-Texas, successfully filibustered proposed anti-abortion regulations in  her state. But those regulations are back on the table Monday as Texas begins a  special legislative session, and Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, has vowed that this  time, “it will become law.”

Oh the horror! Having to do an ultrasound before an abortion. I don’t see why that is so “stringent”. Score one for the unborn!


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0 responses to “Ohio governor, flanked by six men, signs stringent abortion restrictions into law

  1. Ohoh – I can hear the banshees screaming!

  2. “The new abortion provisions will make it harder for family planning groups like Planned Parenthood to receive federal funding, while making it easier for crisis pregnancy centers, which often counsel women against having an abortion, to receive the same money. ”

    This is a bad thing? On one hand you have a health care law that’s supposed to keep people healthy, and on the other, a practice that kills budding humans. All this from the same government. In essence what this law does is put the brakes on unrestrained abortions and makes women think before pulling the plug. I would hope there were provisions for women to receive counseling after an abortion is performed.

  3. The Feminists Nazis (rush) all they want is the power to tell a man or a father: I am going to and I can kill your child legally!

    I was told that.

  4. I agree that Republicans are fairly moronic. There are millions of pro-life women and Republicans have proven that they do not understand optics of any thing. However, man have a stake in this. You pro-abortion like to to murder your children and approach it like father’s have nothing to say about their own children. We all recognize that pregnancy impacts the female more than the male. However how is it you can murder the child up to such-or-such a date with no consideration of the father.

    I wish we passed a simliar law that had “financial abortion.” If a man found out a women was pregnant he could go to a special government office and legally give up all claim and financial responsibility forever. With the mother having nothing to say about it. How would that go over?

    • Like a Lead Balloon.

    • The large majority of Republicans are not moronic. At this time, it appears that a small number of Republican politicians are all that is keeping the country from total dictatorship. And on the state and local level, there is a HUGE difference between Dems and Repubs. I’m not saying that all Repubs are saints, and certainly Bush and his ilk gave all Repubs a bad name, but at this time they are our only hope.

  5. Scott Walker is that rare politician who has guts. I hope he’ll run for the presidency in 2016.

  6. I didn’t know murder was gender specific.

  7. Having to do an ultrasound before an abortion.

    I voted for that in my state of Texas!!

  8. Finally a bit of good news. 😀

  9. The article below is from breitbart.com:

    Texas Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant ‘Hail Satan!’
    by DEBRA HEINE 2 Jul 2013 478 POST A COMMENT
    The Texas House and Senate reconvened Tuesday for a brief special session called by Gov. Rick Perry House to discuss timekeeping measures. A recess was called until July 9, after the Independence Day holiday.
    Twitchy reported:
    Nothing much happened, but there was plenty of interest, as abortion advocates in orange shirts lined up to protest proposed limits on abortion after 20 weeks and stricter safety standards for abortion clinics.
    It would be difficult to argue that the pro-abortion crowd wasn’t an “unruly mob” — last week protesters shut down proceedings by screaming from the gallery and used social media to debate the legal consequences of rushing the floor. One protester was reportedly arrested after punching a state trooper who was clearing the gallery.
    Texas blogger, Adam Cahn was there, and has a report and video from the scene where pro-life women shared their abortion related testimonies, and the pro abort mob responded with repeated chants of “hail Satan.” He notes that they had been chanting those words all day, but it took awhile to catch it on video.
    Honestly, I don’t think there’s a clearer indication than this report, of who is on the side of the angels in the abortion debate, and who isn’t.
    Wow, Hail Satan is trending on Twitter.
    Good job, pro aborts!
    Leftists seem torn between “it was ironic!” and “it was right-wing plants!” Re: #HailSatan
    — Guy Benson (@guypbenson) July 3, 2013
    See Also:
    Twitchy: ‘Hail Satan’: Abortion supporters troll pro-lifers outside Texas capitol
    The same orange-clad abortion rights supporters who sent children to #StandWithWendy in Texas today holding signs like “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina” didn’t limit themselves to strictly scientific arguments for unrestricted access to abortion. Groups of protesters also countered pro-life groups’ prayers with chants of “Hail Satan.”
    Crowd of anti abortion activists giving speeches while a group of people chant hail Satan in the background. #hb2 pic.twitter.com/eqHqP1e0gz
    — Josh Rubin (@CNNExpress) July 2, 2013


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