Oh the horror – kids learn to shoot!

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Teach them well

Teach them well

YOU’RE KIDDING! NRA pushes guns on kids as young as Newtown victims in sick  ‘Youth Day’

NY Daily News: The National Rifle Association capped its annual convention Sunday by hosting  a “Youth Day” — enticing youngsters to attend by offering free six-month  memberships.
Billed by the NRA as a family-fun outing, the event drew hundreds of kids.  Some of the attendees were the age of the Newtown massacre victims, others too  young to know the difference between a toy gun and a real one.
“Spend the day exploring 400,000 square feet of exhibit hall containing over  550 exhibitors from across the country. Share the excitement with spectacular  displays and fun-filled events for the entire family,” the NRA wrote on its  website.
The event was staged a day after the NRA welcomed its youngest lifetime  member, 3-year-old Elaih Wagan, whose grandfather purchased the membership.
Activities inside Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center prompted  outrage outside. “They shouldn’t be teaching kids how to use guns. What happens when they get  older? They might become like that Connecticut killer,” said Cal Castille, 24,  of Houston, referring to Newtown gunman Adam Lanza.
Anti-gun protesters, reading names of gun-violence victims across the street  from the convention center, said the NRA event was akin to “brainwashing these  kids to love guns.”
“This is indoctrination,” said Jose Sequeiros, 67, of Houston. “These kids  are too young to see that guns are wrong.” Heather Ross, 27, said organizers of the event were tone deaf, given the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.
“It agitates me that these people don’t think it could happen to their  children,” said Ross of Austin. “This is just beyond words.”
In the convention center, pint-sized gun enthusiasts, some taught about the  Second Amendment before they learned to read, perused the latest makes and  models of firearms.
“I like guns because guns are fun,” said 9-year-old Kaykay Mace, who attended  the NRA Youth Day with her dad, Scott, and big sister, Calla, 11. Scott Mace, 37, called the event “a fun thing to do.”
“If a child understands how to properly and safely shoot, then they become  much safer,” he said. “In a bad situation, they will understand what needs to be  done.”
Calla Mace said she enjoys going to gun ranges and bragged, “I’m a pretty  good shot. I’ve shot a .22 rifle before and a handgun,” Calla said.
The convention floor was packed with little girls and boys with guns in their  hands. One blond girl in camouflage tights and pink skirt, who appeared to be about 7, gripped an air pistol as an instructor gave her tips on her aim.
Another young girl, with help from an adult, practiced aiming a rifle nearly  as tall as she was. It was only an air gun that shoots pellets, but was made to  look like a menacing AR-15 assault rifle — similar to one used by Adam Lanza at  Sandy Hook.
Trent Mattison, 51, of Beaumont, Tex., watched proudly as his 5-year-old  son, Cooper, practiced shooting at the air-soft rifle range. “I like it because I like the smell of gunsmoke,” said Cooper.
East Orange, N.J., high school teacher Ron Fierro, 62, was volunteering at  the rifle range to show kids like Cooper how to shoot properly. “I’m passing the tradition on to the next generation,” Fierro said. “Guns are  tools. You have to teach kids how to use them safely. When you teach gun safety,  you reduce the amount of gun accidents.”
Ray Ruley, 39, of Bay City, Tex., brought his six children and was thrilled  they all received six-month free memberships in the NRA. “I believe in our Second Amendment rights and want my children to appreciate the safe handling of firearms so the next generation doesn’t easily give that  freedom up,” Ruley said.
Adults as well as children learned something at the event. In a seminar, gun instructor Rob Pincus advised parents that the best place to put a home gun safe is in their children’s bedrooms.
“Here’s my position on this: If you’re worried that your kid is going to try  to break into the safe that is in their bedroom, with a gun in it, you have  bigger problems than home defense,” Pincus said.

My soldier teaching a friend's son to shoot

My soldier teaching a friend’s son to shoot

Oh the horror, children learning proper firearm safety and shooting! When my soldier was on mid-deployment leave, we took my friend’s 12-year-old son to the gun range. He learned how different a real gun is from his air pistols, that’s for sure! I believe he learned more about gun safety and has an appreciation for the difference between a toy gun and a real firearm.

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0 responses to “Oh the horror – kids learn to shoot!

  1. 7th. paragraph. Hey Jose , your statement “These kids are too young to see that guns are wrong ” is odd . What are you worried about ?That they may learn firearm responsibility and the difference between a toy gun and the real deal . If you don’t like that this country has a 2nd. amend. fine . Go back to Mexico or wherever your heritage is from and relish in the fact that the Federalis and the drug cartels are the only ones armed .
    With respect to the last para. Take the child out to a range and put a 30.06 in his arms , position him properly , and then tell him or her to pull THAT trigger . They’ll learn real quick that its not a toy .

  2. How things have changed. I took hunter safety training in summer school. Back in the days. At The government run school in Southern California. Today liberal communists would blow a fuse if such a class was even offered to students. I even received a certificate when I finished the class to purchase a hunting license which I am proud to say I still have to this very day. I was twelve when I took that class in school.

  3. I believe your article is in error regarding “The convention floor was packed with little girls and boys with guns in their hands.” I personally spent over 3 hours at the Houston convention and I can assure you that it was NOT packed with children. In fact, there were VERY few children in attendance. Please do some fact-checking before you publish this stuff! Who are you trying to fool?

    • DCG’s post is a word-for-word re-publishing of an article from New York Daily News. You should contact NYDN with your complaint.

      • Doc,
        I believe the REAL Chuck Norris would approve of your post.
        Did you know he causes oil and water to mix…permanently!
        As always, thanks for your hard work and others for posting. :o)

    • I’m not trying to fool anyone, The NY Daily is.

      • … or C. Norris had gone to the convention at a different time than the NYDN reporter, which means the attending crowd would also be different.

        • RE: “…. at a different time…” Yes, that is a possibility. It may have been a different DAY, with different NRA activities.

  4. This is just terrible! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Quick, let’s all hide under the bed!

  5. It’s amazing to think that some of these morons actually believe that teaching firearm safety and responsibility at a young age is somehow a bad thing. I’m 35 now and learned to shoot a .22 rifle under strict supervision long before my 10th birthday when I received my Benjamin-Sheridan .20cal air rifle. At 13 when I was old enough to take the hunters safety exam to get my first hunting license, I was given a Winchester .410 double-bbl shotgun for hunting dove and quail… and at 15 I was given a 1920’s Browning Auto-5 16ga by my fathers friend who wanted it to have a good home. At 18 i was given a .357 Magnum S&W and I bought myself an XD-9mm auto….
    Now if there were any truth to what these constitution hating leftists say, I should have murdered at least a few people by now, or killed a friend or relative in some tragic accident, or been arrested for doing drive-by shootings.
    Oddly enough, 99.7% of gun owners are law abiding citizens and I’ll wager the percent is even higher among people like myself who learned about firearm safety and responsibility at a very young age. The only people I’ve ever known to be a tiny bit reckless were friends who grew up in households where guns were not allowed, and because they didn’t have years of strict rules for safety practically beat into them, they were far more careless than myself. So careless in fact that after sweeping me twice at a local pistol range with an unloaded handgun, and a very firm and direct dressing down by myself for breaking my fathers #1 rule (never point a gun at anyone even if you know it’s unloaded), i ended up b*tch slapping him, packing my gear up and never shooting with him again. My father would have closed-fist hit me for doing the same, so my friend got off a little easy IMO.

  6. My Dad taught me to shoot a 22 and then a shotgun before I was past the sixth grade. He took me hunting fairly often. He kept all his rifles standing on the floor in the corner of a walk-in closet where we hung our winter jackets. I went in there twice a day, at least, to get my jacket and then later the same day to hang it up again. I would never even THINK about touching the guns. I wasn’t afraid to touch them, but being familiar with them had taught me a healthy respect regarding their proper use.

  7. I think statistics show that 90% of mass murders are committed by left wingers. Probably has do do with not being brought up with morals and a loving relationship with our Father in heaven.

  8. I have to admit that I was once anti-gun. But a trip to my vet when my dog was sick actually changed my mind. A copy of Field and Stream was on the table so I leafed through it. I enjoyed the articles, the responsibility to shooting, cleaning, responsibility to the environment that I was blown away. I was forever changed about my views on guns in general. It is not guns that kill people it is people that kill people I read somewhere.

  9. The libtards will never change… to stupid for their own good… Although I just became a Great Uncle and am looking forward to teaching my great nephew, with the help of his mom and dad, how to shoot. Another Patriot was just born…


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