Oh Joy! Lena Dunham announces feminist Lenny Letter tour

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Lena’s gonna connect with us women in the middle of the country…

This womyn is delusional if she thinks she can really relate to women in the “middle of the country.” Gals, don’t waste your hard-earned $35 – the cost of a ticket to see her show.
From Entertainment Weekly: With HBO’s Girls officially over, showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are going to have a lot more time on their hands. So what better way to spend it than taking their weekly feminist newsletter and going on tour with it?
The “LennyLetter: America IRL” tour — which the pair announced on Tuesday morning — will see them embarking on a six-city tour starting May 31, where they will be joined by nine Lenny contributors, including SNL‘s Sasheer Zamata, author Chloe Caldwell, writer Jenny Zhang, author Kaitlyn Greenidge, TV writer Morgan Murphy, comedy writer Charla Lauriston, singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, poet Rachel McKibbens, and comedian Jaqueline Novak.
“Instead of publishing our newsletter from the comfort of our office we want to engage in a larger conversation across America, with women whose experiences may differ from ours but who share the same essential goals: freedom, self-actualization and the perfect night out,” said Dunham and Konner in a statement.
“We will be talking, reading, playing music, showing films, asking and answering questions for, by, and of the women we meet. Our plan is to create a sense of community in every city we stop in, and to take what we learn from that community with us as we continue our work as a resource for women who love humor without snark, politics without a filter and- above all- learning about each other’s truth.
Tickets for the tour go on sale later this week, with Lenny Letter subscribers receiving a special presale code which will allow them to purchase tickets starting Wednesday, April 26.
According to Breitbart:
“We really wanted to try to be a part of, in our own small way, healing the very big divide that exists in our country right now,” Dunham said in an interview Monday. “We’re trying to look beyond the coastal states and really think about connecting to women, to people, in the middle of the country.”
h/t Breitbart

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0 responses to “Oh Joy! Lena Dunham announces feminist Lenny Letter tour

  1. What is Lena Dunham doing in that pose?
    She’s unrecognizable because she lost so much weight. I’m still waiting for her “thank you” to Trump for causing her to lose her blubber….

  2. Huh…………………. ok……………….. you are what you eat where you eat it…

  3. Some women just do NOT know how to dress. This out fit is for a slender sexy young woman. Not this woman!! She might get away wearing this in some rundown trailer park, but not on real time TV!

  4. I cannot imagine anyone with any degree of common sense paying $35.00 to attend a conference where she is speaking. I would not sit through such an event IF THEY WERE WILLING TO PAY ME 100 times that amount. She is so gross in her actions and dress, it is an affront to the rest of society.

  5. She just wasn’t happy with the exposure she gets by the LSM,so she’s pulling her favorite degenerates together to take it on the road,to spread her
    disgusting “brand” of debauchery to the common people. Wonderful-No offense meant,but I hope her “message” falls on deaf ears. She has no place to speak on anything good as long as she continues the “lifestyle” she currently promotes. Of course,there’s ALWAYS a possibility of redemption.

  6. She’s on my list of the 10 most annoying people in America. I don’t know why people like her manage to remain in their fields. Jane Fionda has always puzzled me, Bill Clintons and Barak Obamas popularity astounds me and for the life of me I can’t figure Whooppi Goldberg out. Either Washington & Hollywood are very closed societies or most of America are idiots.

  7. OY! Saw this same news in my local paper…which is about as thin as Barak Obama’s resume….and YET….the Lena Dunham “tour” was on page 2. Since I’m in CA, and probably one of 5 people who actually READ a newpaper here (on the verge of ditching—except I love the crossword and the Sudoko everyday…gotta keep Dementia at bay at my age….)…I’m just thinking they, like the larger “press” have given into “Californication.”

  8. She isn’t worthy of one minute of my life.

  9. That fugly blubberbutt will be shunned by REAL Americans like she has the plaque.

  10. “Lena’s gonna connect with us women in the middle of the country…”
    Uh, no she won’t…….


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