Oh Goody: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Book Coming Soon

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I think I’ll pass on this one.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simon & Schuster has landed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s upcoming nonfiction book, My Own Words. The book, which will publish in January, is Ginsburg’s first since becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 1993.
My Own Words will feature a selection of essays and speeches by Ginsburg on wide-ranging topics, including gender equality, the inner workings of the Supreme Court, being Jewish, opera and the value of looking beyond U.S. shores when interpreting the U.S. Constitution.
Throughout her life, Ginsburg has been — and continues to be — a prolific writer and public speaker. The writings will be selected by her and her authorized biographers: Mary Hartnett, an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law; and Wendy W. Williams, a professor emerita at Georgetown Law.
“Simon & Schuster is proud and thrilled to publish My Own Words by Justice Ginsburg in anticipation of her authorized biography,” Mayhew said. “Justice Ginsburg is one of the most important and articulate legal thinkers and interpreters in the country. She is also a witty and engaged writer and speaker, and I am personally delighted to have another opera lover onboard.”
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0 responses to “Oh Goody: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Book Coming Soon

  1. Well, at least it’ll more cogent than Sotomayor’s… just sayin’.

  2. Well now, you have me sitting on the edge of my couch holding on with both hands in anticipation.

  3. Frankly, if she looks “you have to look beyond US shores to interpret the Constitution of the United States of America,” it is evident that she has sh#! for brains. I do hope that she will either fly off to heaven (or the other place,) or retire before long. When you see her in full Congressional meetings . . . the old fool cannot even stay awake through the proceedings. She is a disgrace to our nation! And then in her dotage . . . she actually things the American people want to know her blow by blow thoughts since being installed on the Supreme Court . . . Heaven forbid –I don’t think so! It’s quite amazing how “me centered” and grandiose these leftists feel. I will be praying that her book is a big fat flopper-roo. I would much rather read a book concerning the life and thoughts of LaVoy Finicum, and his understanding of the Constitution! (For anyone who has not seen the video which was taken from inside the pickup truck he was riding in . . . you need to check it out, there is no doubt but what the FBI murdered him, since it clearly shows they were firing on his truck long before he stopped, got out of the truck with hands raised, to draw the fire away from the truck, thus saving the lives of the other individuals inside. Now that is a Hero!

  4. Maybe Ginsberg will write a cookbook next. I have a great title: “How to Serve Humans.” Works for me!
    The execrable Ginsberg has served well to undermine the Rule of Law. She has done her utmost to lay the foundations for REFLEXIVE LAW.
    Ever notice how Supreme Court appointments since Poppy Bush just keep getting worse and worse?

  5. Maybe its just me but the Time cover of her looks like a bitter man with earrings

  6. Son of the Rabbit People

    The Constitution is meaningless to the old crone. This one is going to a big flop.


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