Official Obama 2012 t-shirt!

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H/t our Miss May


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0 responses to “Official Obama 2012 t-shirt!

  1. good luck Romney/Ryan supporters when ur 13yr old is knocked up by your cousin in a semi-forcable rape and theres no BC!

    • “John” in Yonkers, NY:
      You’re an idiot if you actually fell for Obama’s rape fear propaganda. Read the Constitution. U.S. Presidents have no power over legalizing or illegalizing abortion, even less over birth control.

    • Good grief, trolls are out in force today. You are delusional and desperate if you believe Romney/Ryan will remove birth control from the US. But hey, keep your spin going and ignore the Benghazi failure, Fast & Furious, record debt and millions out of work and on food stamps. Whatever gets you through the night.


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