Official Jobless Stuck at 9.1%

The government’s latest report says September’s unemployment figure remains at 9.1%, where the U.S. has been for months now.
The economy saw a “better than expected” 103,000 new jobs “created” in September, but that figure is illusory because half of those “new jobs” are actually not new at all. 45,000 of the 103,000 “new jobs” are actually striking Verizon workers coming off the picket lines — and the unemployment rolls — to return to their jobs. [Source: CNBC]
Gallup Poll finds that although Skippy’s September job approval rating of 41% is the lowest monthly average of his administration, and he has lost a disproportionate amount of support among Republicans, he has held on to relatively high support among Democrats.
Jewish support for Skippy is down a tad, but not “disproportionately.” 54% of Jewish Americans still approve of his job performance, a figure that’s 13 points higher than his 41% approval among all Americans. This is essentially the same as the 14-point approval gap seen throughout his term.

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How many of these 103,000 new jobs are permanent and full time positions? IMO, anything else does not constitute a new job.


I bet the “real” unemployment rate is nudging 20%.


I prefer to use
which includes people unemployed who have given up searching for nonexistent work.The jobs created tend to be either the minimum wage/part time or temporary variety.Unemployment in the Great Depression was 25%.