Office worker goes berserk

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I don’t know what country this is, other than that the incident took place in 2008. (Update: This happened in Russia. H/t Laura B.!)

I couldn’t believe how everyone just stood by, watching, until one man (a security officer?) finally took action to stop the berserker.
Here’s a shorter video taken from another angle:


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  1. He may be the only intelligent person still concerned for the country while everyone else is acting like cows for the slaughter while the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers are raping the United States at the rate of one million dollars per minute with their CFR members in the Federal Reaerve and handing the country over to the United Nations by WTF Treaties that no American ever agreed to.

  2. I hate it when I accidentally delete,too…. 🙂
    I can understand being amazed and transfixed …
    I hope they find a nice quiet place to lock him up

  3. Yikes! Accidental 4-Hour Energy overdose??

  4. A country w/ no history of self-defense or privately owned weapons (USSR) so folk are content to passively stand around until someone else does something… not “Let’s roll!” there, old habits die hard.

  5. Jeesh, even after he threw the first computer screen and it harmed a woman, no other man in the office does something as he picks up another screen? Wimps…

  6. Reminds me of how I felt on my last job! 🙂


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