Of Course They Did…

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Wash. state workers rally to support unions
Union members, students, parents and even former presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich rallied in Olympia on Monday, taking advantage of the holiday (a paid holiday for government employees yet not many private sector employees) to lobby against budget cuts and to show solidarity with Wisconsin’s embattled union for state employees.
Hundreds of Washington state employees chanted, sang songs and waved signs in the Capitol Rotunda in a rally supporting unions and state employees in Wisconsin. Last week, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker targeted public employees in a massive budget cut proposal, calling for cuts to their benefits and limiting their ability to collectively bargain on wage issues. Kucinich said he hoped the rally in Olympia would ripple across the country to show solidarity to union workers in Wisconsin. “You cannot have a democracy if you don’t have people in a position to be able to negotiate for their wages and to have decent benefits,” Kucinich said, lauding Washington as being a “bastion for workers’ rights,” where people have the capacity to push back.
The Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty: A Seattle Action Network is planning a counter rally (Facebook page) this Wednesday in Olympia. The main message: Washington shares the same public sector union problem as Wisconsin.  We agree with the stand that Governor Walker is taking and want to see similar reforms take place here in Washington.  Our budget is in a comparable place – state pensions and union collective bargaining have got a stranglehold on our taxpayers. I’m planning to attend, as long as snow doesn’t get in my way.
I hope ManBearPig is wrong and I’m able to make the trip to the rally.  Will keep you posted.

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0 responses to “Of Course They Did…

  1. Go get ’em, DCG! 🙂

  2. The State of Washington is sooooooooooo liberal that Luke Esser, the RINO and recently ousted Chairman of the State Republican Party, just signed on as a lobbyist for the SEIU!

  3. What those in the unions seem to have forgeotten is that taxes pay for these generous benefits and salaries. Yes, yes, I knowwww they pay taxes too. But that doesn’t giver them the right to hold up every other taxpayer like train robbers. The budget has to be balanced. Just think about that you union thugs. If it is controlled, you might lose your job. Union workers seem to think they have a right to whatever it is they want, regardless of the consequences. And the democrat lawmakers are now turning tail and runnign and hiding like the creeps, crooks, and thieves they are. They can run but they can’t hide forever. They will responsible for the consequences of their acitons.

  4. Sorry for the typo above, I meant “if it ISNT’ controlled”

  5. Rally postponed to Saturday due to snow….gotta love AGW!

  6. you’re a patriot DCG!


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