Of course Nanny Bloomberg won't beef up police

Police should, after all, stand up and go on strike unless big government does what’s required to keep Americans safe.

Mayor Bloomberg says there’s no need to increase NYPD staffing

NY PostShootings are up dramatically this year. Toddlers are being mugged in  Brooklyn.  But Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t believe the city needs to hire any more cops.
“If crime were to spike, I’d be the first one to say we should add cops,” he  said during his weekly WOR radio show. “[But] the murder rate continues to come  down.”
While the murder rate is down 15.6 percent for the first seven months of this  year, shootings are up 9.6 percent and overall crime is up 4.3 percent, the  latest NYPD stats show.
But Bloomberg defended the leaner Police Department.  “When we came into office, we reduced the size by 4,000 or 5,000, and we’ve  maintained that for 10 years, and every year we’ve brought crime down,” he said.
“What’d I miss here? Our job is not to employ as many of the people as to  spend as much of the taxpayers’ money as we can. Our job with the Police  Department is to bring crime down. It is phenomenally well managed.”
The Big Apple has suffered through bloody weeks this summer, with five people  shot this past Wednesday night at Harlem’s famous Rucker Park basketball  tournament.
City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Queens), who has been clamoring for more  cops all year, said the 35,000 now on the force aren’t enough to maintain  safety. “Not only is the usual summer spike worse than ever, crime is increasing in  every borough for the first time in 20 years,” said Vallone, chairman of the  council’s Public Safety Committee. “Those are the stats. The mayor is like the  little boy who didn’t cry wolf even though there is a giant wolf coming.”
Vallone said everyone he’s talked to in the department, from street cops to  top brass, has told him “they absolutely do not have the manpower to deal with  this current crime spike. I’m not sure who the mayor is listening to, but he  needs to listen to the experts.
Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, blamed  police shortages for the shootings at the tournament and the killing by stray  gunfire of a child at a Bronx basketball game.
“Tragically, a reduction of police presence from 10 officers to only two at  Rucker Park allowed a gunfight to take place where five people were shot, and in  a separate incident a lack of police presence allowed a shooting that took the  life of an innocent 4-year-old boy,” Lynch charged.
But Bloomberg focused on the dropping murder rate and pointed to the 32  percent drop in crime since he took office in 2002.  “If you had more cops, would you get it down even more?” he asked, referring  to the murder rate. “I don’t think so.”
The NYPD expects to have an average of 34,800 cops in the current fiscal  year, which began July 1. At its peak, in 2001-2002, it had 40,700 cops.  The Police Department budget is $4.6 billion, more than any other agency  except for social services and schools.
“Spending more money is not something . . .” the mayor said, stopping  midsentence to conclude, “We don’t have the money.”
Toddlers being mugged and Bloomberg believes the NYPD is being managed phenomenally?  He then admits that if they brought on more police that the murder rate wouldn’t drop.  Guess the answer is more gun control after all!  I’m sure the criminals will be first in line to give up their guns.

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Laura B.
Laura B.

Of course there’s no money to “beef up” the greater-NY police force! It’s being squandered on the “policing” of area restaurants to omit beef and other nasty food items from menus! “Phenomenal management” of the NYPD? Bloomberg and Obama must be blood relatives…somehow. They DO wear the same watch along with myriad other Libs: It only shows Double Standard Time. Bloomberg and his (anti) food fetishes! Oh, to be a fly on the wall and see what he eats and drinks at home. (Then land on it.) Good thing he’s not Christian; no way would Bloomberg want to be the… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

I ditto everything Laura B. wrote! 😀


Bloomie just sucks.
That is all there is to it.

JJ Cooper
JJ Cooper

Laura B, concise and to the point. Mr. Bloomberg seems to have mistaken the role of Mayor with that of Mother. nag, Nag, Nag.


Eh, what’s a few “little people” for the Cause? Bloomberg for Ruler!


Maybe he could have a powwow with Rahm Emanuel and get some pointers…