Wall St. Slugs are Getting Ugly

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From the Blaze.com
Media!’ See the Moment the Friday Protests Turned Violent in NYC
Posted on October 14, 2011 at 10:31am by Jonathon M. Seidl

We already mentioned that the protests turned violent this morning in New York after protesters, emboldened by the decision not to evict them from their home base, marched on the New York Stock Exchange. In our previous story we had video catching the tail end of an incident involving a protester and police on scooters.
(Related: Bloomberg says park owner received “threatening” calls from politicians)
Now we have the full video showing the actual moment the clash began, courtesy of the New York Post:
A New York City police officer runs over a National Lawyers Guild observer as Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march through the streets near Wall Street, Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, in New York. (Photo: AP
Police urged protesters to stay out of the street and stay on the sidewalk
Police scooters were shaped like a V and moved toward the protesters in the standoff. One man lost his balance, and was run over by a police scooter. Police descended on the protester and got him out from under the bike. Some witnesses tell Sandberg the man was beaten during the arrest.
“We had somebody knock over a scooter, there were some arrests here — I don’t know what the charges were — there were people in the street the police officer was trying to get them out of the street, this was down near the exchange,” New York City Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Browne said.
First Precinct Commander Ed Winski checked a protester who refused to stay on the sidewalk. When the protester came back into the street, Winski hurled his megaphone down and wound up rolling around in the street with the protester, throwing punches. Other officers surrounded the two, throwing punches. The protester was arrested.
Police say the protesters were throwing bottles and bags of garbage at officers, triggering the police response, Sandberg reported. Police say they were trying to control the situation when it got out of hand.

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0 responses to “Wall St. Slugs are Getting Ugly

  1. “Getting” ugly? 😉

  2. This is FUNNY, Socialist (OWS) against Fascist (police), maybe if we are lucky they BOTH LOSE! Bama and his Socialist Congress are doing all they can to start a war, with the American people and Syria so he can get America destroyed by Russia and China! That proves the son of a whore dosen’t care about anybody, but him! He wants to be a dictator so bad he will do ANYTHING to get it done, including destroying us! Semper Fi.

  3. “Police say the protesters were throwing bottles and bags of garbage at officers”
    Just wait. Next, the Occupiers will be throwing bags of their feces.
    Occupy Wall St defecates on police car

  4. Yes, a shillelagh, get a wallop from one of those and you don’t get up. Begorra! They are getting ugly here too and yet our lefty run media seems to think it is normal behaviour! Normal for scumbags and wasters. If you don’t work you don’t eat. God bless all us Conservatives.

  5. “Police descended on the protester and got him out from under the bike. Some witnesses tell Sandberg the man was beaten during the arrest.”
    That isn’t true, the cop parked his bike on the mans leg, and the guy had to kick the bike over to get his leg out from under the bike.

  6. “Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.” –Joseph Stalin

  7. I think the longer the Pee Party keeps this up, the better.
    America needs to see exactly what these commies are all about.

    • Pee Party. That’s brilliant, Dave!
      Pee Party vs. Tea Party. The choice is a no brainer. LOL

      • LOL – I wish I could take credit for that, but someone at NB beat me to it.
        I also like Ann Coulter’s Flea Party reference.
        If I had my druthers, I would refer to them as the MLT Party.
        -Moochers, Leeches and Ticks.
        Or the PP people – Parasite Party.
        Actually I prefer to refer to them as what they really are:
        Commies. 🙂

  8. Heres an idea – How about we send those worthless maggots to Africa instead of our troops. Maybe a dose of real plight is what these bums need.

  9. they said Soros and obama are behind these,evidently they will slow down this winter and pick-up all thru next summer. What a headache.

  10. They have been called to action! [sarc] Only, their ‘actions’ are more like kids ‘acting out’…
    Tea Party participants didn’t/don’t do these things, and act-out like this. There may have been ‘that one’ here or there (obnoxious or rude), but the civility level far outweighs these OWS… they are “about as civil as a prison riot”! …(h/t MM.)

  11. “I can just smell a beat down coming. Time for an attitude adjustment. ”
    If you think a Kent State type reaction is appropriate, I think you underestimate the negative consequences that would arise from that.
    Some of these protestors are immature kids but to demonize and dehumanize everyone involved in this is simply not right.

  12. Furthermore , you say the Tea Party protests were peaceful? Really? Did you not read the news during that time? Tea party people vandalized the offices of multiple legislators who supported the health care bill. They also left MANY threatening voice mails to these same legislators.
    Can you explain to me how “your side” acted any better than these protestors? Do you not remember the bad things your guys did?

  13. This whole idea that the protestors are deserving of a “beat down” has me holding my tongue so to speak; as I would have let loose on you in the past – I’m trying to show you guys respect … So instead of angrily bashing you, I’ll just show some links to how peaceful your tea party protests were: I have many.

  14. https://thinkprogress.org/politics/2010/03/22/87988/king-health-secession/
    So Rep Steve King said “Let’s beat them to a pulp! “let’s take them out ”
    Hmm. Sounds a little more specific call for violence against opposition and reminds me of what Mr. Hoffa said. I read blogs all over the internet using Hoffa as an example of how violent leftists are — Kinda ironic when this message came from the tea party over a year before Hoffa said what he did. Why the double standards? Where was the outrage then?

  15. One more link and I’ll give it a rest .. Not trying to spam your site here; I just want to show you that you are absolutely 100% when you characterize your tea party protests as peaceful in relation to the “EEEVIL LIBERALS”
    There were multiple other instances of violence and death threats during the days of your tea party protest.

  16. 100% wrong that is … The constant miss-characterizations of any non-tea party protestor and ignoring the violence and death threats from your own side, while condoning violence against these OWS protestors is *NOT* RIGHT. It’s not christ like and it’s not honest.
    I have come a long way as I’m not giving in to hate any more – I don’t hate you guys but to be honest, you do piss me off 😉 …
    Have a good day; I’m going to take off before I say something I’ll regret.

  17. Ok ; Fair enough … I do think some of these kids don’t truly understand what they are protesting — some are out just to cause a ruckus.

  18. The resentment and anger between the left and right is at a boiling point already. I do sincerely hope it doesn’t turn into a bloody clash. I have a 4 year old daughter and it would be a dangerous world for her to grow up in if it reaches that point.
    The more we demonize and dehumanize masses of people with opposing views, the more we contribute to an eventual boiling over of this situation. I wish we could find a common ground and respect the differences here but is the resentment too great for that? … I truly believe if Jesus exists and were to come back, he would look and shake his head in disappointment at both sides in America.

    • Well if he comes back as a warmonger, I’ll take my family and move way out in an isolated country area I have picked out so I can can continue working and living, feeding my family and my self. Do you think he’ll personally track me down and kill me / slit my throat?
      I know you guys say he gives us a choice “Either love and accept him or he’ll kill you and burn you forever in hell” — That kinda reminds me of muslim maniacs who say they’ll kill you if you don’t accept islam. I don’t take too kindly to deities who give me death threats trying to force my love.
      I love my child; I like living and I love the beauty in nature. I will be quite happy to run away if revelations comes true and he commits mass murder of his supposed creation. Hopefully he won’t track me down to slit my throat and leave my daughter here to starve without her daddy. If there really is a God and he really did create us and plans to kill us all for being sinners, he truly is an imperfect God because if he was perfect he wouldn’t have created us with an ability to
      hate and sin and then punish us for doing what he PLANTED in us the ability to do. — That seems like something a sociopath would do.
      I truly believe Jesus could very well exist (I’m not an atheist) – I’m an open minded Agnostic. I really don’t believe Jesus or God are the egomaniac sociopaths you guys make him out to be.

      • I believe the best we can do as Humans is to take care of our kids and to always look for ways to improve ourselves. There is nothing new age or wackadoodle about that — accepting our faults and trying to a better person with each passing month/year. I was not being a good person to hate you guys as I have in the past — I feel better now that I’ve let that go — I do hope you guys find peace and stop worrying yourself to death about imaginary leftist boogeymen — Paranoia is a mind killer. I, too, worry about a potential fascist Theocracy but I take comfort in the fact that I know survivalism and can take care of myself and family by living off the land if need be. I try not to worry about things that aren’t here as much now — even though there is a great potential.

        • Tman,
          That’s so nice of you to be concerned about our well-being. But you really needn’t trouble your pretty little head because I do not “worry myself to death about imaginary leftist boggeymen,” nor am I afflicted with paranoia. I’m actually serene and joyful. You have sadly confused an informative blog with what you call “paranoic worrying about imaginary leftist boogeymen.”
          Cloward & Piven are not “imaginary leftist boogemen.” Nor was Saul Alinsky. Nor are NC governor Beverly Perdue who only weeks ago proposed we just do away with Congressional elections for the next two years. Nor is Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. who only last week proposed that we should just ignore the Constitution. I can go on, but then I’d simply be repeating all the posts — with sources and embedded links — I and other FOTM writers had written.
          Since you completely don’t get what FOTM is about, I suggest you just stay away from this site. Doing so would do wonders for your wellbeing as you needn’t have to be concerned about us poor souls here anymore.

          • “Since you completely don’t get what FOTM is about, I suggest you just stay away from this site.”
            I’ve offered to do just that before … It might be best as it doesn’t seem I can post my views without it getting personal … I tried to show respect and was explicit that I didn’t want this to turn into anything but a respectful debate … You know, Steve even asked me a couple weeks ago to explain what I had against Christians and Conservatives so there could be some kind of understanding. I finally get around to do so and I do it without insulting anyone or intending to be derogatory., Yet it seems I still over stepped my bounds … This is *EXACTLY* why I didn’t reply to Steve right away as I didn’t want to piss anyone off…
            I’ll stay away if that’s what you really want as it seems no matter what I say it’s going to get under your skin regardless of the precautions and steps I take to show respect and proclaim my intention is not to bash or argue.

            • Iman,
              I haven’t looked at the links you posted on examples of “Tea Partiers” advocating violence. I’ll just take your word for it. I here now vehemently and explicitly denounce such persons. They have no place in the TEA Party movement and among Conservatives who love the Founding Fathers and who love America.
              I hope you also go onto left wing blogs and tell them they are being “paranoic” and should not “worry themselves to death about imaginary right-wing boogeymen.” I, too, wish there’s a way for the Right and the Left to find common ground. But the Founding Fathers actually devised that “common ground”. It’s called The United States Constitution, due process, and the rule and respect for the law. Alas, the Constitution is precisely what some on the Left call “antiquated” and should be discarded.
              Given that, how are the Right supposed to find that “common ground” with the Left? Or is your idea of “common ground” capitulation to the Left? If we disagree with you and the Left, is that being obdurately disagreeable and refusing to find “common ground”? Why is it that when the Left preach “common ground,” it always turns out to be Left’s ground?

          • “That’s so nice of you to be concerned about our well-being.”
            Actually Eowyn, I do wish you the best … I wish you would stop thinking people who oppose the right wing / tea party are such evil creatures … That’s what I mean by “imaginary liberal boogeyman” … Not all of us support abortion (if thats what you think makes us evil) ; I love kids, I would die for my child.
            Anyway as I said in my e-mail, I’ll stop posting here if that’s what you’d prefer. Sorry for posting so much ; just finally wanted to have that debate.

            • Dear Iman:
              What on earth made you think that we on FOTM regard all “people who oppose the right wing/tea party” as “evil creatures”? When I/we write a post, do we not specify the person or persons whose behavior we object? Please don’t do the very same thing you accuse of us of doing.
              I’m overjoyed to read that you love kids and would die for your child. I hope this means you do not support those who actually do kill kids, which is what abortion is.
              As for your interest in getting a debate going on about unions, instead of hi-jacking my Susan Sarandon post, why don’t you do this instead:
              If you write an op-ed on why you support labor unions and send it to FOTM, I will earnestly consider it for publication on FOTM. I can’t promise I’d publish it without reading it first because I do not know how good a writer you are. I simply do not have the time to write posts, manage/administer this blog, and also take on the added job of rewriting and copy-editing.


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