Octomom blames her choice on valium

One messed up woman

First this woman says she “hates her children“. Now she’s blaming her choice to have more children on the doctor because she was drugged up when she signed the consent form. Octomom Nada Suleman did an interview with CNN on Thursday and blamed the creation of the “Octomom character” that she has become synonymous with in part on a California fertility specialist who, she said, had her sign a consent form while she was drugged.
The messed up woman said she did not mean to have eight children in January 2009, in addition to the six she already had. But while she admitted she did want more children, she insisted she was in no condition to understand a form Dr. Michael Kamrava put in front of her before implanting 12 embryos.
“He wrote something, he gave it to me to sign,” Suleman told HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky on Thursday night. She said she was then on “a cocktail of drugs” including Valium at the Beverly Hills doctor’s office because her uterus was contracting. “I signed it, and I didn’t read it.
The single mother — who said she has been celibate for 12 years, and had all 14 children by in vitro fertilization — admitted that she chose to have children in part to address her emotional baggage. “Is it fair to have a bunch of kids help solve your emotional issues? Of course not,” she said.
Suleman admits that she has a host of problems, including anxiety, panic attacks, hyperactivity and obsessive compulsive disorder. “My brain and body are racing constantly,” she added, noting she exercises extensively and only gets two hours of sleep a night.
Suleman said that despite the difficulties she feels things are improving. And despite her admitted anxiety, paranoia and continued efforts to shield her children — barring any television or Internet in the house — she is most at peace at home. “I feel safest at home with my kids,” she said. “And I want to be only there, that’s my favorite time at night, in my pajamas playing Twister.”
Here’s a hint Octomom: next time you go to the doctor’s office, lay off your meds so you can read.  This woman makes me sick.  Pray for her children!

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Dr. Eowyn

So now it’s “Valium made me do it!” One of these days, she’ll run out of people and things to blame.
2 hours of sleep a night? Hmm. Maybe it’s her sleepless conscience that’s keeping her awake.


I think her children are headed for a bad end.
I don’t often advocate this, but this would be one time I would go along with government intervention, as in get her kids the hell away from her ASAP!
This hideous woman has “Unfit Mother” tattooed to her forehead.


Now that’s an argument for free birth control.