Occutards Booted from Iowa Coffee Shop

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Ya just gotta love it! 😀

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10 responses to “Occutards Booted from Iowa Coffee Shop

  1. Good for this woman for kickin their arses outta there! Losers…go occupy a job or something.

  2. Good for her!
    “and never come back again!” she said
    big thumbs up!

  3. I wish we had seen more of how this all transpired. But I am glad to see a business owner stand up for her rights.

  4. Its about time. Eventually the MSM will finally report on this, they just need time to make her the villain.
    I can see it now…
    MSM: Woman kick out OWS from CAFE, rumor has it she may have inadvertently given money to some unknown republican 15 years ago lets focus on that, this may be the cause for her hateful attitude towards the occupiers.

  5. Right on baby!!!

  6. Why Demo-rats want to crush small business.

  7. I hate cops


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