Occutard sues because of pepper spray

Woman sues the city of Portland and two officers

KATU: A college student who got a mouthful of pepper spray during the Occupy Portland protests filed a lawsuit on Friday against the city and two police officers. A picture of Liz Nichols, snapped by an Oregonian photographer during a chaotic anti-bank protest, quickly became an iconic image for the Occupy movement.

Nichols claims she was sprayed in the face with pepper spray while shouting at another officer who hit her in the neck with a night stick. She believes the officers violated her constitutional rights and used excessive force. They had no justification or reason to either hit her or pepper spray her,” one of Nichols’ attorneys, Kenneth A. Kreuscher, said Friday.

“The Portland Police Bureau has a policy of endorsing and supporting police using pepper spray on non-violent, peaceful protesters and demonstrators,” said Benjamin Haile, another attorney for Nichols.

The Portland Police Bureau said it cannot comment on pending lawsuits.

Non-voilent and peaceful protestors?  Take a look for  yourself and decide.  Pepper spray and Liz incident (her screaming and refusing to get off the sidewalk) start around 1:27 mark, toward the left side.



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Caroline Niven-Roy
7 years ago

I don’t blame her

7 years ago

Supposedly, this twit has seen – in videos and in person – what happens when “peaceful protesters” refuse to obey lawful orders from the Police and turn the city streets into a screaming Mosh Pit to know what they are walking into.
I’m put in mind of the phrase, “If you can’t stand the heat – stay OUT of the kitchen!”.

7 years ago

Looks very violent and uncontrollable to me! I hope her suit is dismissed with prejudice, since it is spurious and without merit.

7 years ago

Portland is a haven for moonbats. In fact, Oregon is also a home for moonbats, as well as California and Washington state. Their publications are so far to the left, that if you are a centrist, you will look like you’re far right in their eyes. There is a guy on Twitter who calls himself @TheOregonianBoo because the Oregonian is a mouthpiece for left wing extremists. That photographer from the Oregonian is one who feeds the liberal trolls with hate and disorder, and proves @TheOregonianBoo’s point.