Occupy your neighborhood!

Course don't do it like this / Photo Alan Berner - Seattle Times

Seattle Occupiers have days until they are kicked off the Seattle Central Community College campus.  So what is next on their agenda?  “Occupy your Neighborhood“!  From their website (comments after their points are mine):
You don’t need to use tents. Find your own images, symbols, ideas, actions. Tents in public places are important symbols of collective outrage at being treated as surplus people; but the movement is larger than all our tent cities. There are many ways to express that outrage, that loss of hope, and the urgent need to build new hope and new ways of occupying the planet together.  For example:

  • Start a regular vigil at Chase bank or another local target. (Fill out a job application while you are there.)
  • Have a weekly conversation about the issues, and invite your network of acquaintances. (I do that on a daily basis.)
  • Talk about the ways you personally have been affected by the economic crisis. (Why don’t you focus on the ways to make it better?)
  • Meet in a coffee shop. Meet in a home. Meet in a studio or workplace. (It’s called having a life. Try meeting at a workplace every day.)
  • Advertise a public meeting at a community center. (Advertise what?)
  • Show movies and discuss them. Start a book group. (I suggest they start with Atlas Shrugged.)
  • Put a banner on your house or studio or meeting place. (A “Merry Christmas” banner is appropriate now.)
  • Put a sign on your bumper or your window or your sleeve. (Copy my bumper sticker: “My dog has created more shovel-ready jobs than Obama”.)
  • Sit or stand in silence. (They should practice what they preach.)

Let us help. There’s no central committee or leadership, but there are lots of us who have been doing this for a while and are eager to help you reach out and find how many people around you share your concerns. Can we come join a conversation in a coffee shop or living room or community center? Can we help you think of things to do?
No but I can think of some things for you guys to do, namely get off public property as instructed by the court and get a job!

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8 years ago

obama zombies.

cherylramjattanCheryl Ramjattan

Very excellent advice, lol!

8 years ago

Yeah Atlas Shrugged might be a challenge, heck it took me 2 months to get through it. Movie might be more their speed 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  DCG

My thought was that “Atlas Shrugged” was too hard for them to read too, I would suggest “Animal Farm” instead…

8 years ago

Public education has been turning out good little Marxist for decades now. They are not intelligent enough to look at whats going on in Europe and the logical conclusion to the welfare state.

8 years ago

these tent cities from here on out should be called obamavilles. and the
poliicies of the obama administration should be given the credit they deserve in wrecking the american economy.