Occupy Seattle – Fashion Statement of the 99%?

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0 responses to “Occupy Seattle – Fashion Statement of the 99%?

  1. Gee, I think the Fraud should hire this guy ( I really hope it’s not a bearded woman ??) and take him with him on his bus trips, have him stand behind him at his “speeches” etc…along with all the rest of the riffraff, show off the people he supports…..

  2. Remember Dems you support them, you own them!

  3. one more thing….I live in the Seattle area and sadly, I see men in these “utility skirts” too often……..let’s just say, not MY cuppa tea!

  4. Well at least his/her? skirt is purple/yellow – Husky colors!

  5. My entire image of skirts has been ruined. 🙁

  6. LOL – Obviously a Woodstock attendee still trying to find his way home.
    What a looooooooong, strange trip it’s been.

  7. …but does he feel pretty ? It could have been worse…I’m thinking mini-skirt or tu-tu 🙂


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