Occupy Protesters are Spoilt Entitlement Brats

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H/t my sis-in-law Shireen.

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0 responses to “Occupy Protesters are Spoilt Entitlement Brats

  1. I wish this could be played 24/7 was on a drive-in movie sized screen at all the OWS sites. LOL

  2. I gonna tweet it to the occupy wall st group…

  3. Excellent ! Precious snowflakes, rofl, wouldn’t last long but then some of us old-timers have gotten a bit spoiled ,too. Life has been pretty easy since I got the well fixed this summer. It’s good to be reminded of ALL the good working men and women ….I guess that’s part of having a humble spirit and thankful heart . Thanksgiving should be an attitude …not a single day of the year (although I’m
    ALL in favor turkey and dressing and cranberries and pie 🙂 ) .
    Don’t forget the truckers who haul those good things and parts.

  4. Oh, heck yeah! 🙂

  5. G,
    I’m baffled how and why an intelligent woman such as you — with a law degree and post-doc work on genetics — are “getting by on nothing.”
    BTW, I’ve read Synagogue of Satan. As for the Rockefellers, one doesn’t have to be Jewish to be evil.

  6. This video gave me this thought – I have the answer to their complaints. All major corporations stop production. Just completely stop it. No electricity. No food. No gas. No stores. No services. Just shut down the country. Let them see what they would be missing if it weren’t for companies that make their IPODS and LAPTOPS charge, that pay for farmers to farm food, that heat their homes and make their cars go. Just quit. Give it a week, they’ll be begging for home. Personally, I know how to live without most creature comforts. While I wasn’t raised on a farm or in the woods somewhere, as a child of a military man, every time we had to transfer overseas, we used to move into a house off base first, and that usually meant before our household goods and hold baggage got there (translation – all our stuff), so we’d get cots or base loaner beds until it did, and then we’d stay in our house for several days without electricity or gas as the case may be, and we didn’t have any electronics besides a tv and a hifi when we did get our stuff, and at that time overseas, we usually didn’t get anything but the local foreign to us speaking stations, until AFRTS (military radio and television) started showing tv shows that were weeks old from the states, and my mom usually tried to make due with the barest minimum of food necessities until we could get a refrigerator and stove in the house, because back then off base, on the civilian economy oveseas, they didn’t supply those, but you could get them from the base after getting on a list – granted that didn’t take forever, but several days, so we’d have canned unsweetened orange juice and cereal with instant breakfast milk (I hate it to this day) or Tang instead of juice for breakfast, sandwiches from items usually kept in a cooler until our fridge got there (had to get ice, but yeah), and out for dinner on the government until all was settled. But even that isn’t roughing it. My whole family could get by today on a whole lot less than all those OWS weenies. Sorry for the super long run-on sentence. I was remembering in stream of conciousness so as not to forget what I wanted to point out. 🙂

  7. Oh yeah, and we used flashlights or candles or just went to bed early until the electricity got turned on.

  8. I forgot where it was posted, but did ya’ll see the thermal images of all the empty tents there at OWS? It’s funny how they act like they’re out there just a sufferin’, and most of them are going somewhere cozy after showing face all day. LOL! And getting fed gourmet outdoor meals? Wow. Priceless.

  9. That’s it! I was just amazed – sort of. 🙂

  10. I’m glad to see some intelligent comments here. Its possible the whole “3 day in the woods” idea is a little extreme. What we need is GOOD, HONEST parenting and education. We have too many kids who want to take drugs and be a ‘free spirit’. The great thing is for my generation (I’m 15), is that while the baby boomers are now retiring and the people older than me are out whining, I can sneak in and get a good job. hehe 😉


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