Occupy protester who left family sues city over ‘police brutality’

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She must have blown through the $85,000 she obtained in her divorce. (This womyn also compared her decision to abandon her family to Americans serving in the armed forces. “Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?”)

Her parents must be so proud...

Her parents must be so proud…

NY Post: The mom who left her family in Florida to become part of the raggedy Occupy Wall Street crowd has sued the city over her 2011 arrest — testifying Tuesday that she’s an innocent victim of police brutality.
“Somebody grabbed me by my hair and dragged me . . . behind the police officers,” said Stacey Hessler, 42, in Manhattan federal court.
But city attorneys said in their opening statements that Hessler had blocked pedestrian traffic during the November protest, then refused to move when cops politely asked her to make way. She also allegedly tried multiple times to escape when they finally moved to arrest her.
Stacey Hessler/Reuters Photo

Stacey Hessler/Reuters Photo

Hessler was “trying to bring the intersection to a standstill,” city attorney Andrew Lucas said.
The dreadlocked Hessler gained infamy for leaving her husband and four kids in Florida to camp out in Zuccotti Park. She spent some of her time with OWS cozying up to a Brooklyn waiter.

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0 responses to “Occupy protester who left family sues city over ‘police brutality’

    Stacey Hessler, please look up the meaning of “useful idiot.”

  2. What an example she sets!

  3. It is just unbelievable that a mother would leave her four children to go attach herself to this ruffian crowd. I was gratified to her that she had blown thru the money she got from her divorce–at least her husband had the intelligence and fortitude to do what was right for his four children. What a piece of work!

  4. Frankly, I think the husband came out ahead and spent a well worth $85 grand.
    Can you imagine the damage she would do to her children if she had stayed?
    Be gone wicked witch.

  5. The loser mom is still a loser: “The Florida mom who ditched her family to join the raggedy Occupy Wall Street crowd turned out to be an even bigger loser on Thursday when a jury rejected her claims that cops violently arrested her during a 2011 protest, after deliberating for just 40 minutes.”


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