Occupy Portland Hippies Hurl Obscenities at Police

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I’ve been to three TEA Party rallies.  What I’m seeing in these OWS rallies comes nothing close to the civility, respect for others, and patriotism that I witnessed at the TEA parties.
The complete lack of respect for authorities, private property, and laws is astounding.
Remember, Pelosi and Skippy support this “movement”.

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11 responses to “Occupy Portland Hippies Hurl Obscenities at Police

  1. Some would have us believe that these Occupiers who rape, steal, rob, masturbate, pee and poop in public, are faux criminal elements planted by the DHS. Yeah, right….
    The OWS movement has become a bowel movement.

  2. What can you expect from the Pee Party crowd?
    These people are low-life scum.
    After all, that’s what commies are.

  3. What gets me, is how proud they are of themselves, and believe they are truly doing something ‘worthwhile’! LOL! I have two family members who are into this… grrr… not the potty in the street stuff or anything that is too over the top…(at least I’m hoping so).
    But today, one mentioned the OWS close to us, and a three of days ago when they had a couple of days off, they didn’t go protest, and more or less told me they didn’t go… I suppose they were seeking my “Well, good! I am glad.” response. And this person is upper 50’s! When will all this garb STOP! 🙁

  4. I wish the Occupoopers would go to Cuba, and take Skippy with them !!!

  5. Former Soviet citizen grills Occupy Wall Street types on what they want…

  6. Newt, despite his shorcomings, kicking Occupy Wall Street’s butt…


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