Occupy LA arrestees are wussies…

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Some Occupy L.A. arrestees feel traumatized, might seek therapy

LA Times:   Most of the roughly 300 Occupy L.A. protesters were released from jail by Friday evening, with some immediately speaking out on the police raid that cleared their camp.
One speaker suggested that some of those arrested might need therapy.  Several said they felt traumatized after witnessing police use nonlethal force and being forced to wait for hours in zip-tie handcuffs. Some displayed cuts on their wrists from the handcuffs. Others complained that they were forced to urinate in bags on the bus as they were transported to jails.  One speaker urged others to document any complaints. “Make note of every single violation of human rights,” she told those assembled.
As the several hundred arrest cases made their way through the court system, it was still unclear how many protesters would ultimately face prosecution.  The city had filed 46 criminal cases as of Friday, said Chief Deputy City Atty. William Carter. Some arrestees face potential charges of failure to disperse and, in a few cases, resisting arrest.
On Friday, at least a dozen arrested were expected to be arraigned. Those who appeared before a judge Thursday and Friday had outstanding warrants for their arrest on other charges, possessed a criminal record or had resisted arrest Wednesday when police cleared the park.
Carter said the city has up to a year to charge those released. Some might avoid prosecution if they successfully complete a court program that requires them to perform community service or class instruction, he added.
Wussies….These people leave 30 tons of debris at their encampment.  The cost to taxpayers to cleanup after these pigs could reach $1 million.  You want to break laws and live like pigs?  Then suck it up and deal with the consequences.

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10 responses to “Occupy LA arrestees are wussies…

  1. Waah-burger w/ a side of French Cries for ’em.

  2. these are obama and pelosi’s wussies!

  3. The protests that have broken out in many other countries apart from ours, are all about one thing.
    The future is so uncertain and the government is not providing leadership and coming up with policies that are for the general welfare and providing a future for our posterity. FDR and JFK did inspire Americans and people the world over with their ideas and the way that creativity was encouraged and rewarded. The sooner we can reinstate the Glass Steagall standard and erect a firewall between the gambling den banks and regular banking activity the better. No more bailouts. Congress would then be able to utter credit once more under Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution so that giant progects could be started like NAWAPA, which together with new railroad and other transportation systems being built, and the reermergency of the US Steel industry and tooling industry and concrete and engineering and scientific capability, would provide the fundamental building blocks for a future for the unemployed. There is always more people needing guidance than those who are capable of leading and guiding, and it is time for the leadership of our nations to be one that has this in mind and is able to deliver. FDR and JFK did. It can be done again by just following in their footsteps, like Jesus said, pick up your cross and follow me.

    • Indeed. FDR even tried to stack the Supreme Court with more than 9 justices so that he could have his way. Thankfully, Congress stopped him. FDR set the blueprint for America’s road to socialism and slavery.

  4. I saw your post about SB 1867, and the tyranny moving into America. Then I read this disappointment of a story. Instead of further helping the mainstream that’s bringing us all warrantless indefinite detentions by forcing the wedge deeper between average Americans, why don’t you try to find common ground?
    I went down to my local occupy and met several vets, and had a lively and friendly conversation w/ a conservative lady visiting the camp, who sells insurance for a living. “wussies” was not one of the discussion topics, though we did cover job outsourcing, occupy DC (vs wall street) and other issues.
    Of course there is name calling on the left and right, but this post here only helps the divide and conquer strategy of the establishment.
    I guarantee you no matter what you think of them, no one at any of the occupy movements support the patriot act, the police state, or s 1867. Set aside your entrenched beliefs and ego for just a moment and realize that you could actually help foster a broad based movement against the tyrannical clamp down against US citizens.
    Since most Americans are asleep at the switch, like it or not, it will be essential to work with those people who are mobilized and ready to risk arrest, you know, those you call wussies, if you actually want to fight against these police state measures.

    • I’m not going to find much common ground w/those that decry capitalism and blame the economic woes on Wall Street.
      As for fighting a police state, we might have common grounds yet different methods. I would not purposely occupy private property to make a statement. Nor would I ignore the rules for public property.
      It would have been nice if these occupiers tried to find common ground with those at the TEA parties. But alas they showed up calling us racists and yelling about Bush (at the ones I attended). Hard to find common ground when your beliefs of less taxes, govt regulation and big government, and how to fix it (through violent protests compared to peaceful methods) are at odds.

      • As I said, name calling happens on both the left and right. But I guess people just have to decide how serious measures like the patriot act and S 1867 really are. Maybe they aren’t actually that big of a deal, and so we should just continue to mudsling and hope that “our team” is the one standing behind the truncheon wielders if it ever comes down to FEMA camps.
        Anyway I was glad to see, that Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinnich, and Ralph Nader came together around 4 points they agreed on w/ regard to Occupy Wall Street. At least some people can set aside differences when they see the writing on the wall, to bring attention to specific, common grievances, even if they are divergent in other areas.

        • Well I concur with many of those points, in particular the feds and deficit issues. We have discussed those here plenty at our site.
          As for OWS, I haven’t seen any message from them about controlling the deficit. All I’ve seen is their rage on capitalism and corporate greed. What I have seen is that they want more from the government, i.e., free education.
          If OWS is serious about repealing the Patriot Act, auditing the feds, controlling the deficit, etc. then they should be occupying the White House, Senate and Congress. (And they could have participated in a TEA party which was all about reducing government spending.)

      • Well said, DCG!


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