Occupy Black Friday a bust

Occupy Black Friday / Joshua Trujillo Seattle PI

Those whacky OWS protestors.  They decided to stage protests to occupy Black Friday across the country.  Some don’t want people to shop at all. Others just want to divert shoppers from big chains and giant shopping malls to local mom-and-pops. And while the planned protests don’t appear coordinated, they have similar themes: supporting small businesses while criticizing the day’s dedication to conspicuous consumption and the shopping frenzy that fuels big corporations.
They occupied Black Friday in New York, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Oakland, and plenty other cities across the country. 
But alas, their movement didn’t stop consumers from spending their hard-earned money how they see fit.  The AP reports that Black Friday sales were up 7 percent over last year. Buyers spent $11.4 billion at retail stores and malls, up nearly $1 billion from last year.  Online shopping was strong as well, with a 24.3 percent increase in online spending on Black Friday.
Good to know consumers kept their annual traditions and were able to participate in the capitalist system.  Take that OWS!

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Dr. Eowyn

Sage !!!!
Although I didn’t go to Joann’s on Friday, that’s only because I have too many pieces of fabric already, collected over the years. I would so have loved to go to a fabric store with you! Maybe some day, when the world begins anew…. Sigh….


OWS tries to rally the people to action (just like Lenin did, you know)… only to find the people think they should get a job and worry about paying their student loans.


LOL – Of course it was a bust, as most these morons are too stoopid to even find their way to the stores they were supposed to show up at in the first place.
I’m just surprised they can tie their own shoes and even wipe their own behinds.


“Good to know consumers kept their annual traditions and were able to participate in the capitalist system. Take that OWS!” And this benefits America how? America has too much money going out, and not enough coming back. I like the idea of shopping Mom & Pops. That is actually good for America. Why should our paychecks take a one way ticket to China? Are you SURE you are a real conservative?