OBL "Deserved" Better Burial

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Even a monster such as Osama Bin Laden deserved a better burial, say city Muslims

The NY Daily News interviewed Muslims in the City and some of them are shocked that the US dumped OBL’s body into the ocean. No matter how evil – and even though Bin Laden didn’t afford his victims a decent burial – many Muslims interviewed by the Daily News said sending his remains to a watery grave was wrong.

“All Muslims as good believers are against terrorists but the way they got rid of his body … is not the way,” said Hamed Nabawy, owner of The Fertile Crescent grocery in Brooklyn’s Arab hub along Atlantic Ave. “We do not burn it. We do not throw it in the water. We bury it in the ground,” said Nabawy, 52.
Mohamed Zohny, 69, owner of Islamic Fashion on Atlantic Ave., agreed. “[Bin Laden] was a very bad man. I do not like the things he did. I do not believe in the things he said. It is better that he is gone,” he said, but he added, “The body belongs to God. We have to bury it.”

Ibrahim Hooper, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the debate “centers on the nature of the individual himself than on the actual burial procedures.” “There’s a part of human nature that says even a person who has done bad and evil things deserves a decent burial,” he said. Still, all things considered, he said he thought the administration “went out of its way” to respect the Muslim burial traditions.

Apologies if I can’t agree. These bodies below belong to God as well yet they weren’t afforded the decency that these Muslims claim OBL deserved.

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0 responses to “OBL "Deserved" Better Burial

  1. Candance Moore

    OMO, they really should just stop.
    If bin Laden was Wiccan instead of Muslim, they wouldn’t give a flying flip about the way he was buried.
    That right there tells you they are still supportive of him in some way.

  2. Fed to pigs.

  3. Osama deserved to have his head stuck on a post out in front of the compound, his heart should have been cut out and replaced with that of a pig’s, and what was left of him should have been wrapped in bacon, taken to a south Florida swamp, and thrown out for the alligators.
    Heck, the SEALS could have taken care of it on their flight back to Virginia Beach.

  4. Since we’ve been told that Osama bin Laden really was a bad Muslim in that his extremist violent beliefs and behaviors were NOT representative of the “Religion of Peace,” why did he “deserve a better burial”? For that matter, why did the Obama administration even give him a Muslim burial at all?
    Let’s say a serial killer committed terrible murders in the name of Christianity, would Christians belabor to give him a proper Christian burial?

  5. his head should have been removed and posted on a stake at the former cite of the twin towers in NY city

  6. Obama should have been beheaded and eaten by jackals. Did our 3,000 dead Americans get a choice of how to die or how to be buried???? There was nothing to bury in most cases. So no, I don’t think Osama deserved anything at all.


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