Object Lesson for Copper Thieves

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No policemen hurt. no problems in jail. no attorney. no jury………….  justice.    WARNING!  DISTURBINGLY GRAPHIC IMAGES! 
Downtown Dallas…copper thieves were trying to pull a 13,200 volt live wire out of a conduit.
Note the bolt cutter and the copper wire on the ground.
WELL DONE – both of them

H/T  Kelleigh

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0 responses to “Object Lesson for Copper Thieves

  1. sometimes I think Darwin was pretty close with his theory….
    too bad they don’t teach the darlings THIS in public schools.

  2. thats two that wont vote for obama

  3. They are “Off the Grid!”

  4. I’ve never seen dead bodies like this….they almost look like manequins. Creepy.
    Silly fools…

  5. Damn! Those idiots just cost the ratepayers big $$$$$. Oh wait, they were working for T.U.R.N. .

  6. ROFL!
    Talk about natural selection.
    Of course, the libertarian in me defines justice as when people get what they deserve.
    In this case, I have to say thank God for government schools.
    Hopefully these two dumbasses were removed from the gene pool before they had a chance to procreate.

  7. Kinda brings a new meaning to the term crispy critter, don’t it?

  8. D’oh!

  9. and this years darwin award winners fried beyond recognition

  10. Not one comment expressing sympathy or compassion for these fellow HUMAN BEINGS? Ok they were trying to steal copper—they weren’t rapists or murderers! Hardly justice.


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