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H/t beloved fellows Wendy and May.

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0 responses to “Obamination

  1. That ain’t no…

  2. You should have used a white face…I’n white and live in a mixed neighborhood…many..young men and women..mostly white..are on..’DISABILITY’ as they move up and down stairs and lift things and carry things ..better than their older working black,brown,yellow neighbors…Doctors get a hefty Government check to continue writing every few months they are disabled…the monopoly owned corporate housing and food industry now gets to determine therefore what the price,quality and selection and overall rules are while dropping wages of most of the job industry they own now…taxing..the ones that still know what honor is ..and who they are..and how to fight them..in the ground.Please fight back peacefully.Check out InfoWars.com !

  3. That last pic is sadly funny…

  4. The last one is my fav…


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