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For all of you Obamabots out there, how’s that hope and change garbage working out for ya. Do you like the price of gas now at almost $2.00 more a gallon than it was two years ago because your president decided he knows more about the oil industry than the experts and has shutdown drilling in this country? Now we have to continue depending on foreign oil from countries now embroiled in riots and civil wars. 
How about the fact that inflation has doubled over the last two years and your dollar doesn’t pay for nearly what it used to, because your president is printing money so fast that soon monopoly play money will be worth more than the U.S. Dollar.
What about the unemployment rate, are you happy to be trying to squeak out a living on the public dole, trying to feed, house and cloth your family because your president has spent so much of the taxpayer money bailing out failing businesses, mortgage companies, banks, and laundering money to the unions to prop them up so they can donate the money right back to the democrats in political contributions.
Does it make you feel good that while your president takes expensive vacation and golf outings and holds outlandish elitist parties at the White House while you cannot even afford to treat your family to a movie night at your local multiplex?
How do you like your tax dollar going to pay for public sector union salaries, benefits and pensions that are dictated by union bosses and corrupt liberal politicians in which you have no say in and who make on an average 20% more than private sector workers in the same occupation?
After two years of Obama’s policies how is your lifestyle now, are you better off, are you prospering, is your neighbor still living in his/her house or is it in foreclosure?
I don’t expect too many of you Obamabots to wake up and come to your senses because frankly I think you are just too ignorant to see the folly of voting for a man to be president based on the color of his skin, empty words and rhetoric. You did not pay attention when Conservative pundits pointed out the numerous flaws in Obama’s character and his radical background and I don’t expect you to listen now. Just be happy in your ignorance as the country collapses around you and Obama continues to piss on this country, it’s people and our Constitution
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “ObamauriNation

  1. Gas last week was $3.39/gal, today it’s at $3.58/gal. Gotta love that hopeandchange!

    • yes, DCG, and more and more people will be forced to give up their cars and move into cities – where they can take advantage of the wonderful high-speed rail we’re going to be paying for, for the next 100 years!
      All the worker bees living in the hive!

  3. well said, Tom

  4. yes way to tell it like it is…. unfortunately all these facts get lost on the way to the brain of your typical liberal dumbocrat. you would have to repeat all of these facts over and over and over and over again until just maybe it would dent the dense nature of the democratic lack of brain… gas here in northern illinois is $3.60 a gallon and unemployment is through the roof and guess what there are no jobs. foreclosures are still in double digits. way to go obama didnt manage to accomplish anything at all and believe it or not the dumb ass democrats want in him in there for another term they simply refuse to see or face facts.

  5. igor-he did manage to STEAL all of our money.

  6. yes sadly he did. and also has managed to circumvent the constitution and set him self up as an emperor. and meanwhile we sit and wait. maybe the usa should follow the path of algeria, egypt, libya etc and force this corrupt
    administration out into exile…


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