Obama's War on America

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WAR is Coming!

Posted: July 28, 2011
10:10 pm Eastern
By Kirk Elliott, Ph.D.
© 2011 WND
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching the speeches of President Obama, House Majority Leader Boehner, Senator Reid, and a host of other influential power brokers inside the beltway and on Wall Street. The crisis of the debt ceiling has turned into something much worse than a financial problem – it has completely morphed into a political problem, which will ultimately result in a geo-political problem.
There are many parties to blame in this mess, but the fact remains that both sides of the fence have an intense hatred for each other.
President Obama, through his rhetoric, is manufacturing, creating, fertilizing (however you want to say it), class warfare, race warfare and a social uprising that could bring our country down from within.
Forget the debt issue for a moment. Just focus on the words that are being said … [paraphrase of speeches given on Friday, July 22, and Monday, July 25, 2011] “The Republicans won’t compromise, they want to keep giving tax breaks to the wealthy and to the jet-setting corporate elite. Instead they would rather tax heavily the poor of society, the people receiving social security, Medicare and Medicaid.”
 Obviously Mr. Obama does not understand our current tax code. Corporations in America have the highest corporate tax rates in the Western world. We also have a progressive tax (one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto envisioned by Karl Marx) so the wealthiest pay the heaviest burden of taxes already.
President Obama also stated that raising the debt ceiling does not give Congress the authority to spend more money, it is just giving them the money they need to fulfill the bills they have already passed.
That makes no sense! Giving them more money means they will spend more money. If they have run out (which they have), then they should repeal some of the bills already passed. Chalk it up as an “OOPS! We shouldn’t have passed this bill in the first place if we had no money.”
I think that the Republicans are trying to do the right thing. They proposed a bill through the legitimate legislative process and passed it, but the president will veto it. So the blame game continues in that nobody is willing to compromise.
These kind of polarized beliefs have the potential not only to fail to uphold the Constitution and the valid legislative process that has been followed, but they could actually accelerate the erosion of our Constitution.
We have a president who is unwilling to follow the mandate of the people who elected the current Congress to cut spending and get America’s financial house in order. I’m not saying their cut, cap and balance bill is perfect, but it is a step in the right direction.
Therefore, a HUGE social spending president who has been seemingly backed into a corner may legislate via executive order if need be.
This scares me. Our beloved country is not on the verge of a financial collapse. It is on the verge of death. This is how nations die. It is a domino effect that once the erosion starts it finishes the cycle.
A dependent state has been created where people continue to expect something for nothing.
“We can’t take care of ourselves, so please take care of us Mr. Government” is the mantra of our society. At this late stage in the game people become willing to vote away their freedoms for security.
And Obama, rather than rallying America together and trying to salvage what is left of our great republic, is splitting us apart by playing the blame game – forcing people to choose sides.
Well, Mr. President, I have chosen my side. I am on the side of freedom. I am on the side of fiscal responsibility. I choose the side of Biblical wisdom that says being in debt makes you a slave to your creditors.
It’s not enough to cap spending. We need to do much more. We need to repeal and take back some of the spending bills that have been passed previously and get back to a point where we are spending LESS than what we bring in through tax revenues.
Will that hurt? OF COURSE! I’m not saying it won’t, but it will hurt less than the other option … the death of our nation. Wake up America! We are on the brink.
When I read this on WND I could not have agreed more with the author, the liberals say this is a war between the “haves and the have nots” which amounts to hill of BS. The true war thanks to these ass-backwards liberals is between the producers and the parasites. The producers who give us the jobs, products and services that provide the fuel for the engine that runs our economy, vs the parasites that have their jaws locked on the government teat for their income, food and healthcare. No I’m not referring to the elderly or infirmed but rather the healthy that chose not to look for work or do whatever it takes to support themselves or their families and instead depend on the government to support them.
I know that thanks to Obama, the democrats and the RINO’s in congress the job market is in the tank, and now that the liberals have doubled down on the war on the producers (or in other words the evil rich entrepeneurs) instead of stopping the out of control spending, our worthless occupant of the White House insists on raising the debt ceiling so he can continue wrecking our economy.
What most people don’t realize is that Obama and the liberals have kidnapped our economy and is holding it hostage and if he gets his way, we, the taxpayers  will be paying the ransom through higher taxes and inflation.
The TEA Party Conservatives in congress are making a stand against Boehner and the RINO’s debt plan and we need to support them, because as Mr. Elliott stated and I have stated in the past, OUR COUNTRY IS ON THE BRINK OF DEATH!  We must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring our nation back from the precipice of destruction and if that means rising up against our corrupt government…so be it.  
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Obama's War on America

  1. The system is obviously broken and needs to be fixed, but it needs to be fixed in such a way that the people who truly need assistance still receive it (i.e. a “safety net”). It seems that the people who want to cut taxes and spending want to take an ax to the system when a scalpel is what is needed. Many people should be weaned from the various welfare programs, not just dumped and left to fend for themselves. If an ax is used to cut them off then there will be a lot of people hurt and unrest is guaranteed.
    A question: what is the maximum corporate tax rate and what on average do corporations pay?

    • Corporation (If wikipedia’s info is correct)
      Federal tax is 0-35%
      State tax is 0-12%
      Depending on the corporation (GE is BO’s pet and reportedly paid nothing), corporations could pay up to 47% in taxes. The highest of any country listed.
      Federal tax is 0-35%
      State tax is 0-10.55%
      The highest possible individual tax is 45.55%
      Other types of taxes:
      Payroll tax (usually reduces taxable income)
      2.9-15.3% (federal, regressive)
      0-2%[citation needed] (states, usually regressive)
      VAT / GST / Sales
      0-10.25% (states and local)

    • Agreed.

  2. screamingeagle

    Too much acid in your acid?

  3. Here is the list of the repubs worth saving in 2012, as they voted against the debt ceiling increase a little earlier:
    The rest can go to Hell, for all I care.

  4. Thankyou Dave! and my sentiments exactly.

  5. It is scary to think that America is walking the same path that Brazil did. In 2003 they elected Lula da Silva, a very charismatic “man of the people”. He created thousands of different options of social help, to a point that many people decided to stop working and live of the government money. It was an extreme corrupt government and with the help of the Supreme Court, the media was censored. This year, the Supreme Court decided to pass a decision to allow gay marriage, even though that violates the Brazilian Constitution. Anyway, it scares me to see that they are trying to do the same thing in America. The Constitution is the most holy thing a country can have, it protects the people from the government’s tyranny and it should be preserved no matter what. And if some people find it hard to understand what it says, Id suggest them to go back to school!!!


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