Obama's Treasury Secretary Geithner could face criminal charges

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H/t beloved Tina


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0 responses to “Obama's Treasury Secretary Geithner could face criminal charges

  1. If Geithner doesn’t face charges…I’ll be QUITE upset ….
    of course he is only the useful ideological idiot/puppet/patsey.
    Exposure of those who crafted the evil plan is important.
    Mourn the state of degradation and shame of the
    American criminal justice system 🙁

  2. i think people and government in america anymore is kinda like a domestic violence fight,just slap me around ill still love ya, we must be crazy or stupid to put up with this abuse

  3. The big O, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid and others in the administration should face the rope

  4. Do you really think that the current DOJ would prosecute him, a DOJ that sells rifles to drug cartels in Mexico?
    This whole government is corrupt from the top down and we need to build a new federal prison just to house all of ’em…

  5. check out the whitehatsreport.com for more,listen to Lord James of Blackheath-this may lead to very Big Fish. The Bankers are resigning in numbers


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