Obama’s Transvestite Indonesian Nanny

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Once again, foreign journalists did the investigation that American MSM refused to do.  A Danish publication put together a little photo montage of President Obama’s childhood caregiver in Indonesia, a transvestite/transexual named Turdi.

Turdi shows a photo of himself (left) dressed in drag, next to a friend

Turdi today

Young Barry with his Indonesian classmates


Dr. Eowyn did a background article about President Obama’s childhood with Turdi, his gay transvestite nanny in 2010.

The conservative blog, We The People, did in-depth coverage of the Indonesian Nanny situation in May, 2012.

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0 responses to “Obama’s Transvestite Indonesian Nanny

  1. He he! Obama’s got a “tranny nanny,” named after poo too!


  2. Thanks, LTG, for this post (which I’ve been meaning to do for months!).

    There may be a connection between a child being raised by a homosexual nanny and the child’s subsequent gender issues:

    1. Obama had a gay transvestite nanny and is a secret homosexual, according to many rumors in Chicago and Larry Sinclair’s account.

    2. Cher’s daughter, Chastity, also was raised by a homosexual (lesbian) nanny and a tutor who sexually abused the young girl. After hormone treatments, Chastity is now Chas, although “Chas” hasn’t yet undergone transgender surgery. Here’s an account of what happened to Chastity:

    Sarah Cordes, NE, Nov. 30, 2011:

    “In his shocking memoir, Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man, Chaz revealed that his superstar mother Cher put her career above caring for her children, be­littled him and kicked him out of her New York City apartment after learning about his sexuality. But perhaps the most traumatizing memories for Chaz stem from the abuse he says he experi­enced at the hands of a nanny and later, a tutor his mother hired for him when he was just 8. ‘The tutor and I often hung out in my hotel room, supposedly doing schoolwork,’ Chaz wrote in the book. ‘One day she started playing a game with me. I was her boyfriend and she was my girlfriend. I remember being in bed togeth­er with our shirts off, dry humping, kissing and cuddling.’ The pal divulged: ‘Chaz has never been able to put the emotional abuse, the sexual abuse or the fact that his mother left him in the hands of these people behind him.'”

  3. The proper thing is to get rid of everyone who is different from you- I believe that is what Hitler said–GO CONSERVATIVES!!!

  4. Kathy,

    I haven’t read a psychological explanation of this, so this is my hypothesis: I believe this has something to do with a child having his/her first SEXUAL experience in the form of inappropriate sexual acts by an adult. The child may even become sexually aroused, and that first sexual experience gets “imprinted” into the child’s psyche. Why else would there be the strange phenomenon of an alarming percentage of adults who had been sexually molested in their childhood, themselves become sexual molesters?


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