Obama's the Best Thing That Happened To America

According to Ted Nugent, Obama is the best thing that happened to America! This video is from October 2010 so you might have seen it – I had not.  But what Ted speaks of here is even more true today.
“If you look at the train wreck that is America today, thanks to criminal corruption, by both democrats and republicans…now I thank God everyday that we have Obama as President because we’ve let so many rats into our house, it takes a rat as offensive, corrupt and anti-American as Obama to wake Americans up, that they are rats and they must need to be gotten rid of.”
“…shake a lot of Americans out of their dead-brain sleep. …Obama was the horrible anti-American straw that broke the Americans’ camel’s back. Now we are rising up. These corrupt, deceitful incumbent punks are hitting the road because we the people are their employers and how dare these employees mistreat our bank accounts.”
Right on Ted!  I only hope the sheeple American people fully wake up in 2012!

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This is brilliant!!!


Nugent right – But Glenn Beck said the same thing right after Barry was elected.
The Mask is coming off and hopefully – we Americans who love this Great Nation…. Will never let this happen ever again.
Thanks Ted – now the rest is up to US in 2012

Thomas Morato
Thomas Morato

Not only do I like what Ted says, but have been a fan of his music since the 70’s. I’ve fiddled around with the electric guitar for about 20 years, and Stranglehold is one of my favorite songs to play. There is something about this song that drives past your ears, past your brain and enters the core of your soul. Ted is definitely passionate about music…. but he loves nothing more than the United States of America and our freedom. Music can change the world. I wish he would release a #1 hit that drives his points home prior… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

I just hope enough Americans have awaken from their self-induced stupor to make a difference in 2012. If not, we are finished. 🙁