Obama's Super Pac Sent an Extremely Stupid Video to My Youtube Account

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I just checked my Youtube account and found I had a message in my inbox from someone with the username ‘catarinanancy79 using the avatar of a young blond girl with ponytails.  In clicking the link to catarinanancy79, it took me to a Youtube page saying the account was suspended due to spamming, scamming and commercially deceptive content.    (NOTE: Within an hour of my posting this, Youtube removed the language saying the account was suspended due to “spam, scam & commercially deceptive content. ” Wish I had taken a screenshot!)
Here’s the message I got from this spamming, scamming deceiver:

HiThis video scares me: I can’t tell if it is true or not. But with 2012 already here, what is going to happen?I’m about to graduate, but the worlds sucks. It’s scary.Well, if you get a chance, watch it and let me know what you think. Ok?
The Right is extremely powerful, extremely well-funded and just plain extreme.Priorities USA Action is committed to fighting the politics of fear and smear. Stand up. Fight back. Join us, at www.prioritiesUSAaction.org
At the website Priorities USA Action, I learned:
Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama super PAC is committed to the reelection of President Obama
In my opinion, Priorities USA Action is “extremely” stupid!
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0 responses to “Obama's Super Pac Sent an Extremely Stupid Video to My Youtube Account

  1. I got the same message in my YouTube account and also looked up the sender. Same result. Weird, eh? Anyone else?

  2. Blah, blah, blah. Can’t debate the stupidity of this admin and how they’ve ruined our economy so call us names. Whatever.

  3. How ’bout the secret funding from leftwing millionaires like George Soros, etc. giving the DNC and company a boost then?

  4. Dumbocrats think they can win the election by demeaning it’s ppl? Smart!

  5. Just their overuse of the word “extreme” shows their low regard of the intellect of their target group.


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