Obama’s Stevie Wonder Rally – Major Fail in Cleveland, Ohio

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So Much for Obama’s over-hyped Ground Game

On Friday, November 2nd the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an announcement, Stevie Wonder schedules Saturday rally for President Obama at Cleveland State University   Cleveland is located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio that the MSM hypes as being solidly in Obama’s corner.   Stevie Wonder is an iconic performer.  It should have been a packed event, right?

Wrong!  Even After the major article in the  leading newspaper and sending out 34,000 tweets, the Obama Ground Game in Ohio couldn’t begin to fill the venue.                    ONLY 200 people showed up!




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0 responses to “Obama’s Stevie Wonder Rally – Major Fail in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Looks like Tuesday is going to be a bad day for the leaches…

  2. The Voting Dead in My New Home State:

  3. Stevie Wonder — one more name to add to my list of “entertainers” to shun.

  4. Maybe people will realize that the liberals from the left coast cannot be trusted to tell us what their opinion us! Actually, who gives a _____ what their opinion is? I don’t support any entertainers who throw around their weight when it comes to endorsing socialists-communists, etc. I won’t even watch their movie re-runs on free tv.


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