Obama's SOTU Address, More Recycled BS from a Socialist Stooge

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The Liberals get their panties in wad about a few marines pissing on the bodies of dead taliban while this president continues to urinate on this entire country.

To tell the truth, I couldn’t stomach watching this ass give another SOTU address filled with distortions, egomania and outright lies. Obama, like all liberals ignore tried and true economic principles that create jobs for repeated failed socialist policies. As long as he is in office and the democrats control the senate, our economy will continue to tank.
I usually listen to Sean Hannity on the my drive home in the afternoon, yesterday during his show he rebutted his guest Jesse Lee Peterson when Jesse said that Obama is wicked, Sean said that he wouldn’t say that Obama was wicked and my jaw droped to the floor. Obama is the personification of evil, everything he does is according to plan, it is not due to incompetence, lack of knowledge or skill. He has been educated by the most radical aspects of our society in marxism/socialism and he has been trying and (in some cases) succeeding in transforming our free-market economy into a womb to tomb, government dependent, socialist nightmare.
I don’t know who our nominee will be that hopefully will unseat Obama and place him on the trash heap of history along with Jimmy Carter to share the dishonor of being the worse presidents in our country’s history. They all have good qualities and skeletons in their closets:
Romney- successful in business but has a questionable record as governor of Massachesetts including RomneyCare which was used as the blueprint for ObamaCare.
Gingrich- Former Speaker of the House, lead the way for Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years and  forced Bill Clinton to accept welfare reform. He was investigated for ethics violations and resigned as Speaker, has had many personal indiscretions including divorces.
Santorum- U.S. Senator from 1995 through 2006, socially conservative but has a mixed record on fiscal issues.
Paul- Fiscally conservative but socially liberal, supports isolationist policies by cutting off aid to foreign countries including our only real ally in the middle east, Israel.
But whomever is our nominee is, he will be far better than Obama, who is and continues be a national disgrace by propagating a dictatorship and subjugating the Constitution and rule of law.
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Obama's SOTU Address, More Recycled BS from a Socialist Stooge

  1. Could you possibly be more mistaken about Ron Paul? Or about MENA, for that matter?

  2. Man up, you cowardly martian.
    Note from DCG: Your comment was edited. Please see our about page. Your vulgar comments are not welcome.

  3. I hope the truth about Newt gets out as some do not know the story as it went. Check the history.

  4. Nancy, wash your mouth out with soap and get a volucabulary. Your opinion is trashed when you write obsenities.

  5. Glory to God! The platform that all the candidates from the two main parties are running on won’t deal with the crisis we are going through. We need a platform produced by patriotic members of Congress running for re election or those not yet elected from all parties agreeing on a plan of action to remove the president from his post constitutionally right away so that he does not trigger a thermonuclear World War Three. We also need to immediately take steps to avoid going down with the oligarchical monetarist system by reinstating Glass Steagall and having Congress to start uttering credit to finance projects that will advance our human civilization here on this planet and on into the colonization of other planets starting with the Moon aiming at a manned mission to Mars by refunding NASA as a science driver and by putting the plan instigated during the Kennedy presidency, NAWAPA into constructionl. We can form alliances with the sovreign powers who are our natural allies, Russia and China, followed by India, Japan and Korea etc. We need to learn more fast about the solar conditions that a wreaking havoc on our planet’s weather system, and to beable to spot the precursors of earthquakes and the like in time to save lives, and make preparations to evacuate people correctly. We need to refiance the Army Corps of Engineers and refloat the bankrupt states’s economies. Plus working with African nations and S. American nations to increase our power sources to higher energy flux densities to be able to face the future with efficient supplies of fuel etc. We do not need to be bickering over the speech we heard or read about in the Congress because it was not relevant at all, and the candidates for the presidency need to look in the rear view mirror and in their side view mirrors and to keep a good lookout at the road ahead and take heed of the signs of trouble and look for a way out of the accident that is waiting to happen.. The devil is a liar and a defeated foe and Jesus said it “Lo I am with you always” so there it is. It is written.

  6. If you checked Drudge today, it looks like he is going after Newt. My horse bowed out of this race and I am having problems picking another. I guess I am with that 1/3 of Republicans looking for someone else to step in and take up the Conservative mantel…

  7. There really isn’t anyone at present who has what it takes to be president. So, we need a policy that can be carried out by a bunch of politicians who have the right intention. We need to embody the spirit of FDR and JFK in a plan of action that is based on the principles enshrined on the US Constitution. The soap opera that is the presidency isn’t reflecting any of the above. We have to switch to another channel.

  8. Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family

    Sure obama is a communist but if you listen to Hannity you cannot be much better. Hannity is in on it too.

  9. Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family

    My point being is that this is a trivial matter compared to what is really going on. If you have children and care about them you should be extremely worried and upset about their future. Have you seen the video by Gen. Boykin? “Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin – OAK

    • Geoffrey, thank you so much for posting this video. I looked up Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin, retired, an impressive man. What he says in the video, gave me great pause…it appears that it is almost too late for our republic. If we do not stop BO on election day, we will be like Cuba and Venezuela.
      People better learn how to repair their own cars (maybe learning to convert electronics to mechanical systems will be a high demand profession), as I can see us, like Cuba, driving 60 year old cars…

  10. Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family

    Also whilst many are concerned about the Shariah laws there is something much more sinister are work. This a ruse to implement the jewish Noahide law in America. Actually they are have been in place for some time now. It is called the 14th Amendment. I have studied law for many years and have several victories under my belt so I know what I am talking about. Thank you for your time.
    Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family

  11. At least Skippy didn’t have to work too hard on this year’s speech. Just recycled a bunch of words from his previous speeches.

  12. Terry, thanks for the link, I know a lot of this, but it was nice to add to that knowledge. I do like Newt and am really surprised that he is being attacked as “not being” a Reagan conservative. One would think, that by the attacks, Romney is a Reagan conservative…while all along, he is not even a vanilla conservative… This country’s politics are getting stranger and stranger…


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