Obama’s son brutally beats up Washington bus driver

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A simple route along the west side of Olympia, Washington, became a ride from hell on February 25, 2014.

As you can see in the KOMO news video above, a hood rat is swearing and harassing fellow passengers. So the bus driver tells the man to tone down his language, “I told you once. I’m not gonna tell you again,” or he would be evicted from the bus.

But the man continues to disrupt the bus, so the driver pulls the bus over, walks to the back of the bus to get the punk to leave.

Surveillance video from the Intercity Transit bus shows what happened next.

The man defiantly says to the driver, “If you hit me in the face, we will fight to the death.” The driver continues to tell the man to leave, but the punk would not leave and the driver eventually tries to shove him out the door.

The hood rat then starts to pummel the driver, hitting him more than two dozen times.

One passenger tries to pull the man off but the man pauses only long enough to mock the driver, “You bleeding? Is that real blood? Let me taste it.”

The punk eventually leaves the bus and the passengers and the driver call 911. The driver is treated in the hospital for broken bones in his face and released that night.

Kiel DugginsIf Kiel Duggins were in a hoodie, would Obama say “If I had a son, he would look just like Kiel?”

Olympia police say they used the video to identify the attacker at the downtown transit station. The man, identified as 24-year-old Kiel Duggins, was arrested on charges of third degree assault.

Prosecutors argued on Wednesday that Duggins was a threat to the community, and the judge agreed. His bail was set at $20,000, and he remains jailed.


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0 responses to “Obama’s son brutally beats up Washington bus driver

  1. Four years in Maximum should bring down that temper.

  2. I can’t believe the response from the female . That’s her idea of a well trained man in self defense ?
    If the roles were reversed , this would be a ” hate crime “under Barry’s and Holder’s watch .
    And only charge him with a 3rd. degree assault ? I hate to see what a 1st. degree assault would’ve entailed .
    These schmucks have become emboldened with the current ” occupier ” of the W.H. and the Atty. Gen . They’ve got nothing to fear because they won’t be prosecuted .
    I hate to say it but it might be time for gun owners of all stripes to ” carry “at all times and roll the dice . If this would have happened with someone ” packing ” , this prick would have been dealt with in the appropriate way . ” RATHER BE JUDGED BY 12 THAN BE CARRIED OUT BY 6 “……..

  3. I sure hope I never get called for jury duty. I’m not sure I could ever really be impartial.

  4. Leeann Springer

    Bus drivers should be armed. Regardless of color; I would not be unarmed, just for situations like this. As it is said “I would rather have 12 try me than have 6 carry me. Nothing says “stop” like a “Glock”. Leeann

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Look at Duggins’ eyes, the mirror to his soul. They are full of anger and dread.

  6. So…this was on a public transport. If this had been on an airplane, which is also a public transport…this guy would be charged under Federal Statutes and be prosecuted for /facing consequences of Federal crimes/prison. This has opened my eyes…..it means that, after 9/11, we are stil provincincial….we only applied our fears and subsequent precautions to airplanes…..NOT the whole public transport venue…..buses, cabs, trains, and so on. BIG MISTAKE! This rabid excuse for a human being not only assaulted the driver of this bus…he endangered the well-being of every paying public passenger on this bus. IF NOTHING ELSE…he threatened them in a captive vehicle with his behavior AND he deprived them of the destination for which they paid and expected service. There needs to be a law…….

  7. Obama’s son????
    Your a biased racist Fucking ignorant columnist who associates any random black guy with obama simply because of skin color

    • @Dean of Inverness, FL:

      You wrote: “Your a biased racist Fucking ignorant columnist who associates any random black guy with obama simply because of skin color”

      Trayvon Martin was a black guy. So you’re calling Obama a racist when he said “If I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon”. What a “biased racist Fucking ignorant” man you are!

    • Obama’s son???? You should take your protest to the man who associated himself with a random black guy simply because of skin color.

    • And you’re a racist for going after the columnist, like its his fault not the black racist bully that beat up the bus driver. To me and many others you are the racist and pervert due to language and attitude. It wasn’t about race, it was about the stupidest President in the history of the world who said of a criminal young man he would be like my son. Trayvon was repeatedly kicked out of school, was a drug runner and basically a criminal and Obama said his son would be like him.
      Give me a break!!! You sir are an idiot as well as Obama.

    • Really? Sounds as though the IGNORANCE lies with you Dean! Ignorance = uninformed! Before you start throwing names and labels, do your homework! Your beloved “Mr. O” sparked the phrase himself! But I guess you have nothing to say about the actual crime committed here huh? Well thank you so much for adding your two ignor”cents” to the convo. Nice job!

  8. It is so bias that our .no..your president ,he is not mine anymore,creates more prejudice and riots and —instructs the media to their own terrible display of. Racist hate ,along with fires, looting,and destruction

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