Obama's Solution for Gulf Oil Crisis

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Today is Day 43 of the BP Gulf oil disaster.
An oil expert explains to George Uré of UrbanSurvival one reason why the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is so intractable a problem:

“What is going on in the gulf is about DRILLING – and that means that even in the oil patch there are few people who could begin to handle this. Drilling engineers are the SMALLEST group within each oil company – geologists, geophysicists, production engineers, reservoirs engineers, HS&E, and admin all are larger departments than the drilling guys! Now you take those and do a division of normal vs deepwater drillers and you get an even smaller group. BP is probably number 2 behind Brazilian Petrobras in terms of deepwater engineering.”

And what is Obama doing about this?
In the 42 days since the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, Obama has gone on two vacations (North Carolina mountains, Chicago), played golf, fund-raised for Demonrats, hosted the rude president of Mexico, played basketball, celebrated Cinqo de Mayo, yucked it up San Francisco billionaire Getty…. (See complete run-down of his activities HERE.)
Obama finally made his visit to the Gulf coast on Day 13.
26 days later, when even the MSM began criticizing his inaction, he made his second visit to the Gulf coast On Day 39.
Now, the Punk has come up with a brilliant solution — let’s ask a movie director what to do!
Earth to Obama! Just because James Cameron directed Avatar and Titanic — about a big ship that sank — doesn’t make him an oil drilling engineer. You are confusing cinema with reality.

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0 responses to “Obama's Solution for Gulf Oil Crisis

  1. Only one thing to say here: This is what happens when fools elect a president who is totally CLUELESS!!!!!

  2. I have passed the point of being shocked by anything this administration does or tries to do. Most times I just shake my head at their stupidity. What in the world does James Cameron know about oil spills? Yes, he does underwater filming. Is that supposed to cure the problem? Maybe the oil is afraid of being filmed and will retreat into its hole. What a stupendous joke this administration is.
    Oil is heading towards Pensacola, FL today. Yesterday or the day before a meeting was held between the Gulf States’ attorneys general and Eric Holder. The only attorney general not invited to the meeting was Florida’s AG Bill McCollum. Guess the state of Florida is no longer important to the U.S. Bobby Jindal is coming down hard on this administration for its incompetence failure to act promptly on the berms he needs to protect LA’s wetlands.
    God, please help the United States of America.

  3. Brigitte in Paris

    It’s all Obama’s fault because he doesn’t play enough golf. If he did, then he would have a lot of used golf balls and if he had given them to BP before they tried the junk shot, and they had put them in thar gusher, I’m sure it would have worked.

  4. Maybe Osama could ask Joseph our Canadian to explain the gulf problem more thoroughly. After reading some of Joseph’s rhetoric I am sure he has the solution.
    So far everything Osama has done since he took office has been patterned after either the Muslim , European, Kenyan, Iranian, Canadian, or Venezuelan ideals.
    He should ask some more of his friends. It’s obvious he has no balls to give as Brigitte in Paris suggested, so why not go to Hamas and get some ideas.

  5. While listening to the news today, it was said that Cameron was being asked to help not because he has any oil drilling expertise, but because of his photography expertise underwater, that being able to clearly photograph what is happening will help them identify problems and thus, solutions. It would seem to me, though, that they already know what the problems are.

  6. As of this AM, this disaster is effecting our family. My sister and her husband live part-time on their boat at Orange Beach, and until today there was no real problem. Talked to her this morning, and the slicks are about 6 miles offshore. Thay are not allowed to go out in the boat. Unfortunately, this may be the end of our wonderful Gulf seafood. I will NOT eat crap raised in nasty farms in China!!!!

    • DW,
      I’m so sorry about your sister & husband. Please, if you haven’t, warn them about benzene. If they can smell the oil, or if the rain/mist coming down is oily, then the level of exposure to benzene is already hazardous to health.

      • Thanks Eowyn—I had forgotten about Benzene. They have had lots of rain down there this week so there may be some danger. I tried to call her, but they may be going back o MS. This is all so very sad.

    • Hope it works out well for your sister and husband and that they stay safe!

  7. I am so sorry, Doc’s wife, for your sister and her husband. This is so horrible. And to think that the president can play golf and basketball while this problem rages. I will pray specifically for your sister and her husband. I have been praying for everyone in the gulf, all humankind and nature and God’s creation there. We must, however, not lose hope!

  8. Meanwhile, Rahm Emmanual’s job is on the line as he tries to figure out to get “It’s Bush’s fault!” to stick.

  9. bwahahaha…what next, bring in Captain Nemo?
    I can guarantee one director is salivating about this disaster, Michael Moore. Bet he’s already started a script for his next movie about the evil oil companies…


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