Obama’s Roundup

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Thank you Maui Jim for pointing out this video. ~ Trail Dust

Obama’s Great American Roundup

Your tax dollars at work.

Planning your future

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  4. Shared on Facebook and LinkedIn. We all need to pass this along and have it passed along. A well done video presentation.

  5. Thank you, TD, for this excellent video. Surely even the low information voters can understand the “roundup” metaphor. Or do they?

    • The ones who don’t get it in my neighborhood, are usually the hyper educated moon-bats. The common sense crowd gets it easily. Makes me wonder if the silver ponytail on some men sucks some of the brain cells out of their heads. I speak as one who would have been the same if the Lord had not caught up with me and instilled some wisdom.

  6. The best analogy I have seen yet. Let us hope those with their heads buried will come out of the sand long enough to watch.

  7. Thank you Traildust for this wonderful post. The comparison is right on, given the king’s agenda and his tyrannical actions.

  8. Great video and the symbolism is truly awesome ……Nice job T.D.


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