Obama's Poll Numbers Take a Nosedive…Again

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New Poll Numbers Show Obama’s Post-Bin Laden Bump is Over

by Jeff Dunetz
Sorry Mr. President, the party is over. Less than two weeks after Osama Bin Laden was killed by a squad of hero Navy Seals, the bump in Obama’s ratings has disappeared, in fact the latest Rasmussen poll shows that some of his numbers are worse than before.

For example the chart below reflects the President’s approval index from the day the Bin Laden news was released though today.  Approval index represents the people who strongly approve of the President’s performance minus the people who strongly disapprove. So it is an indication of the people most passionate about President’s performance, these are the people who are most likely to work toward/against Re-election of the present POTUS.
Keep in mind, the Bin Laden news was released well after the May 2nd sample was taken and released. Rasmussen numbers reflect three days sampling ending with the day prior to the numbers being released so, for example for the May 4th numbers only one third of the sample was questioned after the Bin Laden death was reported.  It was not until May 6th that the entire sample had the possibility of being aware of the death of Bin Laden.

On May 2nd, the day Bin Laden was killed the President’s approval index was at a -12. From there it generally rose through May 7th, and started falling through today’s report which shows him back at a -12.
Overall approval and disapproval numbers show the same pattern.

Prior to Bin Laden’s trip to hell, Rasmussen reported that President’s overall approval/disapproval numbers were both at 49%, today his disapproval stands at 52% and approval stands at 48%
What should be even more troubling to the President should be the fact that his numbers among independents are not promising (the Oth column in the chart below boxed in red)

Among independents, the president’s approval index is at a minus 22, and almost 70% of independents believe that the country is on the wrong track.
Over-all President Obama received (and frankly deserved) an approval bounce based on the Navy Seals heroic action eliminating Osama Bin Laden as a threat to this country.  As the saying all good things must pass, but nobody expected things to pass so quickly.
But this is a nation which is on the precipice of a financial abyss. As soon as the joy that Bin Laden is no longer a threat passed, the weekly new unemployment claims figure shot up and the monthly unemployment percentage rose back to 9%.  These number shocked America out of its post Bin Laden euphoria and back into the reality that Barack Obama has mis-handled the economy.  Look for his numbers to continue to fall as long as the economy continues to falter.
Posted by Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Obama's Poll Numbers Take a Nosedive…Again

  1. Tom,I’m looking for him to fall into handcuffs,things are really hot right now, notice he is leaving the Country before Jerome Corsi’s book comes out Saturday?

    • catscanner150

      Yeah, I know Tina, it’s a damn shame he’ll probably come back though, too bad we can’t exile him to some third world sh*t hole. BTW I ordered Corsi’s book about a month ago, can’t wait to get it

      • Tom,
        While not some third world sh*t hole, I did exile him to our Spam folder! LOL
        Unless “AdamL” acquires another IP address, he will no longer issue threats of violence against anyone on this blog. And if he does acquire another IP address, rest assured I’ll catch it and that too will be banned.

      • If things keep going they way they are here in America, we won’t have to get on a plane to find ourselves in a third world sh*t hole.
        We won’t even have to leave the neighborhood.

  2. Funny how the same pollsters have more people willing to vote for Obama than a republican candidate.
    By the way Tina, the handcuffs will be reserved for YOU. We WILL come for you, mark my words. Your 2 years of lying about this president will not go unpunished.

    • catscanner150

      adam LOSER, if you or any of your LOSER friends think for a nanosecond that you can put any of us in cuffs, you better damn well think again. We don’t play around here, we fight back, we win and we leave a trail of bodies behind us.

    • Many thanks to Sagebrush, Tina and Tom for putting this troll in his place!

    • Dang it why do I always miss the “crazy obama” supporter threads! Eowyn I demand you make an app for my Droid 2 phone to track crazy obama supporters ASAP!
      I do like when Adam says “we” that’s code for “anyone but me because I don’t have the balls to do it myself as I may get my ass shot off” 😉

    • I live for the day some flaming commie faggot like you tries to get close enough to even think about putting cuffs on me.
      You and your commie puke friends will be nothing but piles of gooey, steaming human hamburger if you even tried it.
      Seriously, stupid punk, you and your freedom-hating friends have no chance, and even less of an idea of who or what you are dealing with.

  3. who is WE,jackass???

    • Tina,
      Yeah, I was wondering that, too, as in who, and whose army?
      This clown is ready for the rubber room if you ask me.

      • I have zero tolerance anymore Dave. I have a real hard time using the manners my mom taught me when it comes to liberals,commies,or obama.

        • Listen to him Tina, Adam sounds more like he’s attempting to goad you into saying something about Captain “Crackhead”. He is not serious about anything probably just venting. Poor baby must have had his PS3 taken away from him when he missed curfew again.

        • tina,
          Same here.
          In fact, I rarely even try anymore, as I see no logic to being polite to those who are working to destroy my country.
          Let them all go live in somebody else’s country and wreck it.

  4. Quick! Let’s manufacture another crisis! How about that al Qaeda the Undead issuing yet another terrorist threat? — against our trains! against our malls! against our water supply (so the federal govt can take over that too)! against our highways (so the federal govt can now tax us by the miles we drive)!
    Or maybe Obama will release yet another birth certificate.

  5. “Mark my words, Hamid Mir, they can kill me anytime but they cannot capture me alive; they can claim victory only if they get me alive but if they will just capture my dead body, it will be a defeat, the war against Americans will not be over even after my death, I will fight till the last bullet in my gun, martyrdom is my biggest dream and my martyrdom will create more Osama bin Ladens”.[ Hamid Mir interviewing OBL in November 8, 2001]
    Don’t get hoodwinked Obama-Osama! Conservative Christians must wake up!

  6. I still don’t believe that Obama had anything to do with getting Bin Laden. He and Valerie Jarrett were totally against doing it. Just look at the picture of them all sitting in the situation room, Obama in his golf shirt like a little boy watching the grown-ups do their job. One can only credit the continuation of George Bush’s policies for finally getting OBL. Do you think Bush would have been out on the golf course with all that going down? NOT! Of course Obama took credit for it, but he didn’t deserve it. With all the bad economic news, Obambi’s poll numbers will continue to drop! I want him behind bars, for all the damage he has done the last two and a half years! I look for him to have a total nervous breakdown before it’s over with.


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