Obama's Physician Cousin Opposes Obamacare

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Just which part of “The Will of the People” does this imposter of a president not understand?
Despite last week’s heathscare summit, Rasmussen polls find that 52% of U.S. voters are opposed to the plan proposed by Obama and congressional Dems, with 44% in favor. Only 22% Strongly Favor the plan while 43% Strongly Oppose it. And despite Obama’s demonization of the medical insurance industry, 51% of American voters fear the federal government more than private insurance companies (39% fear insurance companies more). Only 25% of U.S. voters think America is heading in the right direction.
Despite all that, Obama is determined to ram Obamacare down our throats. Yesterday, March 3, in a last desperate act to push through his healthscare bill, with a team of white-coated healthcare providers whores standing behind him for cheap theatrical effect,

Obama declared: 

“At stake right now is not just our ability to solve this problem, but our ability to solve any problem. I do not know how this plays politically, but I know it’s right. Let’s get it done.”

Translated, what he really means is:

“At stake right now is my grand plan to complete the Left’s socialist transformation devolution of America for which we have been scheming for decades now. I do know how this plays politically, but I don’t care. Let’s stick it to the American people.”

Obama has his white-coated medical whores, but we have an M. D. on our side who is Obama’s second cousin (on his mother’s side). Dr. Milton R. Wolf is a practicing diagnostic radiologist at the Shawnee Mission Medical Center, in Shawnee Mission, KS. Dr. Wolf is adamantly against Obamacare. Here’s his post on his blog, The Wolf Files
ObamaCare: Turning your family doctor into your health care denier

March 1, 2010
I may not be the first physician to oppose ObamaCare, but I am the first physician from Barack Obama’s own family to oppose ObamaCare. Here is yet another reason why…

ObamaCare contains an insidious provision to financially penalize your doctor if he or she consults a specialist for your medical care.
Scott Gottlieb of the Wall Street Journal explains:

Primary-care doctors who refer patients to specialists will face financial penalties under the plan. Doctors will see 5% of their Medicare pay cut when their “aggregated” use of resources is “at or above the 90th percentile of national utilization,” according to the chairman’s mark of Section 3003 of the bill. Doctors will feel financial pressure to limit referrals to costly specialists like surgeons, since these penalties will put the referring physician on the hook for the cost of the referral and perhaps any resulting procedures.

There will be an immediate and obvious consequence.
Sick patients will be denied the care of specialists.  It’s clear that financially penalizing primary care physicians is an obvious attempt to dissuade them from referring you or your family to the specialist they otherwise conclude you need.  Consider the insidious nature of this arbitrary 90th percentile rule: every year, 10% of primary care physicians will be penalized no matter how prudent their referrals were and now matter how many fewer referrals there are this year compared to last. It’s irrelevant to the government how badly you need the care of a specialist; only how many of your fellow patients your doctor determined were in need of specialty care. And each subsequent year will be worse than the prior as 100% of primary care physicians will try to avoid being penalized, unmistakably setting the standard of medical care ever lower.
There is another delayed and less obvious consequence.
The sickest patients will be denied the care of all physicians.  The most effective method for a primary care physician to stay below the 90th percentile in referrals to specialists would be to simply not accept patients into their practice who are likely to need the care of specialists, if they choose to accept Medicare at all.  Thus begins the uncoupling of health care insurance — in this case, Medicare — from actual health care. What good is your mother’s Medicare card if her doctor won’t accept it? Already, 42% of doctors simply won’t accept Medicare. ObamaCare will drive that number still higher.
The end game. Big-government statists will ultimately showcase these patients as evidence for the need of even more government intervention. They’ll create legions of sick patients without appropriate medical care and then they’ll create sympathy for them. Their solution? The so-called public option which will accelerate the process and then, ultimately, a single-payer complete government takeover. They’ll claim — as they always do when unintended consequences inevitably arise — that these tragedies are the result of capitalism rather than the result of their own government intervention. Always the solution is more government.
These effects are both easily predictable and unquestionably unconscionable. ObamaCare will expressly penalize your doctor for providing you with medical care.

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6 responses to “Obama's Physician Cousin Opposes Obamacare

  1. If any of those white coat whores are truly physicians, I want to see their credentials, otherwise stick it in one of those enormous flaps you call ears Obama.

    • Same here, Tom. I too want to see these whores’ credentials. Now, let’s see some enterprising true journalist investigate this.

  2. I have worried myself sick over this bill passing for almost a year. My nerves are basically shot and I don’t know how many more of this bill’s ” nine lives” I can take. Every time I think it’s dead, it rises from its grave like the living dead. What is it going to take to finally put this bill in its grave forever?

    • Muffin, this truly is the undead. Obama and the Left are persistent, but we conservative patriots are even more persistent. We will continue to oppose them at every turn.
      Keep On Truckin’!

  3. Got my quotes wrong. Should be:
    this bill’s “nine lives”
    Fingers don’t seem to be working this morning. 🙂

  4. Family physicians now are already under such extreme stress from the government regulations that I know many who plan to retire. We are in the process of looking at options. You work hard for years to help patients, and the government now will be sitting on the stool w/ your doctor. As of March 1st, our offfice stopped taking new Medicaid patients, and many of ourfriends are no longer taking Medicare. Where will this end??


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