Obama's Pentagon lays off thousands of military officers, incl. active duty

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President Lucifer’s war against the military continues.
H/t FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska

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0 responses to “Obama's Pentagon lays off thousands of military officers, incl. active duty

  1. Of course he did….gotta find money some where to pay for the illegals.

  2. There is no precedent for this in history that I can recall….Can anyone reading this describe a country or civilization in history that voluntarily decimated its own national defense?????? If so….what happened to them? Where are they today???? I’m guessing we don’t know b/c this had NOT happened before. I’m guessing that the same thing will happen as happened to those civilizations/country that FAILED to maintain (even with effort….unlike the present USA POS policy) their national defense at home and abroad………they are failed civilizations…relegated to the ancient history taught by blociferous lecturers in your liberal colleges today…..but, with NO red flag flying on the days they teach this particular passage……

  3. Sadly, this is only the beginning. We will see cuts like never before. Many of us can see the hatred for our military and the desire to leave us vulnerable to attacks. Hence, we now have open borders where several Muslim artifacts have been found. I heard an expert the other day say, they estimate over 300 terrorist have passed over. Does this mean to expect our water and electrical grids to be the first victims?
    Putting the country into such a position does not warrant an impeachment, but an immediate removal. Too bad one of the people with the power to do so, is a lap dog.

  4. “…due to sequestration budget cuts to the Defense Department” – What a crock of BO! Does that bunch in DC think we’re that stupid? There are no words to adequately describe the grief I feel for our nation….

  5. so we let in the border jumpers and cut the military????????NOT GOOD!

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