Obama's other son looks like this

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Tyrone Dale David Woodfork

 Burglar, Rapist, Murderer

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0 responses to “Obama's other son looks like this

  1. These kids are just little punks. Give him a trial and then if found guilty,

  2. A few days before Thanksgiving 1983, (we were supposed to have holiday dinner at her house), a drunk and drug addled former friend of my cousin cold bloodedly broke into my 77 year old grandmother, Signe Julia Feldman’s house in Porterville, California, and beat her to death when she confronted him for going through her stuff looking for cash to pay off a bar debt. His name is Anthony Epps and he is still in prison. Stories like this devastate me. Here’s a link to my grandma’s story…

  3. Thanks y’all for your kindness. When I saw that post it felt like a punch in the gut from 30 years ago.

  4. Don’t be sorry. It feels good to talk about it once in a while – to let it out. I think about it a lot. I read these posts here every day and kind of connect with all you folks. FOTM is the only conservative blog I’ve ever felt at all a part of….where I’ve ever been more than just a lurker.

  5. Sorry for your loss, SDF. I just lurk around here too. It’s a pretty interesting hangout.


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