Obama's Other Composite Woman – Julia, Age 3

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Obama certainly seems to have a fetish about composite women.  He claims key characters in “Dream from My Father” are composites (glommed together from stereotypes?)  His campaign has dreamed up “Julia” a cartoon character to appeal to women voters, a fair skinned woman who progresses from ages 3-67, life  cushioned by Obama’s beneficient social programs.

I think we can come up with more realistic scenarios for Julia, given the actual economic realities; unemployment, foreclosures, war, 15 Trillion dollar debt that continues to climb.   What do you think?   (click photos to enlarge)

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0 responses to “Obama's Other Composite Woman – Julia, Age 3

  1. he just makes me sick.

  2. wonder if Moochelle is a composite.

  3. Obama himself is a composite — of his atheist mom; anti-West Kenyan father; Muslim Indonesian step-father; Communist and sexual pervert mentor Frank Marshall Davis; domestic terrorist commie Bill Ayers; America-hater Rev. Wright…

  4. Julia, she’s actually real…

    • I find it interestingthree kids don’t live with her. I wonder if instead of living with their fathers, if they are legal adults and she got knocked-up as a teenager-several times, since she is only 37.

  5. Couldn’t they have chosen a more “Soviet” sounding name for this girl? Let’s get with the programming Mr. Soetoro.

  6. This administration gets weirder and weirder! Feels like we are living in some kind of dream world.

  7. Living to age 67 under Obama’s care?? Excuse me. The death panels will take them past age 35. (One would have to read Cass Sunstein’s writings, etc. to understand that they don’t want ppl to live probly even that long. These are the most wicked of eugenecists in world history. They want to use ppl in youth in their global concentration camp — and kill them before they become too knowledgeable as adults and capable of resistance. The idea that death panels will kill the “elderly” only — actually, they don’t want ppl to live to an age of wisdom. They want ppl that have not had time to form knowledge, ideas, and ability to resist their slave mass murder state. Read the writings of this would be “do gooder” state. They’re psychopaths.)

    • Laura, shhhhhhhhhhhh! We’re not supposed to discuss such things as it will get us labeled as conspiracist, kooks, birthers or worse. All of this information is right there in full view for everyone. That these initiatives seem so preposterous to most minds allows that. Most sane people don’t take such thinking seriously. Most can’t comprehend such evil. And sadly most don’t read.
      However these aberrant thoughts leak into people’s subconscious and will eventually be accepted as having been there always . It’s mind control, brainwashing. Eventually the trap will be sprung and the people will be unfazed by the horrors unleashed upon them having been indoctrinated for decades if not centuries by the elite controllers. We’ve seen this throughout history. Christians accepting slaughter at the hands of the Romans with but a promise of a better next life for submission in this one. The ancient Roman and current UN scenarios sound very similar to “Logan’s Run”. Hollywood, just another example of how the information is leaked and eventually absorbed inot the subconscious.
      If we’re fortunate we live for nearly a century and that is but a blink in the elitist agenda timeline. Thus it is difficult to convince the average person that such things were initiated decades if not centuries before they were born and will come to fruition either in their life time or shortly thereafter. We are made vulnerable by our limited lifespans and by the amount of knowledge we gather in that short time. This is the human condition. Humans have been using that against each other from the beginnings of civilization.
      And yes, “they’re psychopaths.”


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