Obama's Next Tax Target

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Unless you have spent the last four years lost in a Peruvian rainstorm, holed up in an ice house above the Arctic Circle, or eking out a meager existence in a hut somewhere in Kenya, you are keenly aware that the American economy is currently swirling in the bottom of the loo.

Everywhere you look people are losing their businesses, their jobs, their cars, their homes, and even their retirement savings. Things are bad all over, getting worse, and there is no real economic recovery anywhere on the horizon. Of course, it stands to reason that poverty levels are going to rise in bad economic times such as these, and we are now seeing that happen.

But fret not America, as our Dear Ruler (who has been focusing on our economy like a laser since January 20, 2009) has come up with a sure-fire tax solution that, if implemented, is going to really turn things around and make just about  everything better.
It will also help pay for his latest goonion payo… oops, I meant “stimulus” proposal.
Just what is it he is looking to tax, you ask?
No, it is not the eeeeeeevil rich, nor those big, nasty, greedy corporations he wants to go after now. He is not looking to stick it to fat-cat trial lawyers, doctors, SUV drivers, nor aircraft and yacht owners. It is not your adult beverage, cigars, cigarettes, or the gasoline you put in your car. This time around he is not even looking to further hose the hapless small business owner struggling to hammer out a decent living for themselves and their families.
He wants to, get this, tax…soup kitchens.
Not directly, of course, but he wants to end a certain amount of current tax deductions for charitable contributions – not just those going to soup kitchens, but to a lot of other private charities, as well.
Good going, Barry.
For the moment, it appears this latest lame idea of his isn’t going to get very far, even among members of Obama’s own party, but when it comes to this bunch of critters, you just never know. We could very well wind up with a 100% federal tax on Ramen noodles and dried beans – both of which my local Publix has been running low on in recent months. Not a good sign there.
I have long sensed a certain hostility toward private charities by some in government, particularly from those of the leftward persuasion. In a way it makes perfect sense, as it is much more difficult to buy the votes of those who are not receiving some form of a government handout.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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0 responses to “Obama's Next Tax Target

  1. Welcome aboard Fellowship of the Minds, Dave! As I was reading your first post for FOTM, I was wondering to myself: “I don’t recognize the writing style. Who is this writer who seems to write so effortlessly?”
    Then I got to the end and saw that it’s you. LOL
    FOTM is so honored you’ve joined us as a contributor — despite your having your own blog. 😀

    • Thanks, Eowyn.
      LOL – Actually, I’m a little rusty at the moment, as I haven’t been doing much lately.
      And I’m still trying to make friends with WordPress, too.

  2. Well not surprised he wants to end deductions for charitable contributions. It will, after all, be less likely to affect libs as they tend to make less charitable contributions than cons.

    • DCG,
      He should probably call it the Charitable Conservative Tax.
      A lot of people think that only wealthy Americans take advantage of these tax deductions, but I know a lot of middle class people who do, as well.
      This lunacy never going to make it through congress, but you really have to wonder about the thought processes behind it.
      I really do believe there are those in government that would not be opposed to regulating and taxing private charities out of business entirely, as that would give government even more power over more people.

      • sage,
        I’m really surprised that Dear Ruler hasn’t sicked Herr Erich von Holderen on some Christian charities.
        LOL – I guess they are much too busy shredding Fast and Furious-related documents to be bothered at the moment.

  3. LOL – I wouldn’t worry about the light bulbs, as there probably won’t be any electricity once Obama is through.

  4. Those evil, greedy people with jobs (JOBS, you hear) who earn THEIR OWN money… they have TOO MUCH and need to made to pay their “fair share” for everybody else and called “racist” in the media until they do! (Unfortunately, left/liberal types actually think this way.)

  5. Nicely done, young man.
    All you need is to insert a video of the Beatles “Taxman” to make it complete.

    • J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      For those here who don’t know this, J is my all-time bestest NewsBusters bud, and one of the most excellent troll stompers I have ever seen – and I go all the way back to the Usenet days.
      LOL – J does it with consummate class, but given that I have no class, I have to take a decidedly different route when dealing with the hairy bridge-dwelling boogers. 🙂

  6. Whether it’s incompetence or a desire to crush all other forms of support besides Government-as-Church, Obama never fails to reveal his conception of other people as disposable objects to be arranged for his amusement. The American people may stand many things, but they won’t stand for someone who thinks that they are helpless and stupid. Obama’s arrogance is his doom.

  7. BO is truly a piece of work, eh? About the time I think he could not surprize us with anymore antics….he pulls the rug out from underneath yet another innocent by-stander. I do ‘hope’ that the people see through his tactics, and ‘change’ their vote in 2012.


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