Obama's Nanny was a Gay Transvestite

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Is there anything in The Fraud’s past that isn’t sordid? The latest news is that Obama’s nanny in Indonesia was a gay transvestite.
In 1967, 6-year-old Barry Obama left Hawaii to live in Indonesia when his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, married an Indonesian man named Lolo Soetoro. Young Obama lived in Jakarta for 4 years, leaving Indonesia at age 10 when his mother sent him back to Honolulu to live with her parents. From that time on, Obama would never live with his mother again.
Norimitsu Onishi of the New York Times writes on November 8, 2010, that the Soetoro family lived in a one-story house in Jakarta’s Matraman-Dalam district. A couple named Satjakoesoemah were their neighbors. Obama’s mother used to teach English to the neighborhood women in the Satjakoesoemah living room. The residents of the neighborhood regarded her as a “free spirit” (translation: “slut”) and referred to Barry as the “boy who runs like a duck” because he was chubby and “rowdy”.

l-r: Lolo Soetoro, Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s half-sister, chubby Barry.

Obama’s family rented the guest house inside a compound belonging to a prominent physician. There, according to the neighborhood’s longtime residents, Barry was looked after by a nanny who was an openly gay man. The nanny openly carried on an affair with a local butcher and later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball.
In the compound, young Barry often played with the two sons of the physician’s driver. The elder son, Slamet Januadi, now 52, recalled that Barry once asked a group of boys whether they wanted to grow up to be president, a soldier or a businessman. He explained that a president would own nothing while a soldier would possess weapons and a businessmen would have money.

Januadi and his younger brother, both of whom later joined the Indonesian military, said they wanted to become soldiers. Another boy, a future banker, said he would become a businessman. But “Barry said he would become president and order the soldier to guard him and the businessman to use his money to build him something,” Mr. Januadi said. “We told him, ‘You cheated. You didn’t give us those details.’ ”

A leopard doesn’t change its spots.
Barry the boy certainly foreshadowed Barack the man. Not only is Obama still a user of people for his personal gain, he is also still cheating because he still won’t give the American people “those details” — his long-form birth certificate and college transcripts from Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School.
For that matter, he won’t even reveal his Honolulu kindergarten records!

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0 responses to “Obama's Nanny was a Gay Transvestite

  1. DEMORALIZATION,MORAL DECAY-disgusting,sick and wrong

  2. Steve,they lie like rugs.

  3. What kind of mother would subject her child to having a transvestite nanny??? No wonder Barry is so screwed up.

  4. Damn, I miss Bill Clinton; he got into politics to meet women, that was much more understandable.

  5. Oh so that is the problem… Lil’ ole’ BarryS’ can’t trapse around the LatteHouse in his lederhosen eh? Oh, I’ll bet MzzBarryO looks splendid in his cross-dress ensemble. Go Girl!

  6. geez whats next with this guy? animal sex? he’s raised by a transvestite nanny and he marries a woman that looks like a transvestite.

  7. Guys, I don’t doubt this story but how do we know that it is true? Sounds a bit exaggerated to me. HOWEVER, that being said, have any of you looked into the Muslim “hush hused” practice of Bacha Bazi? Homosexuality is normal amongt Muslim oustside of the US. They just consider it normal behavior and not homosexual behavior. Ask any solidier who has been to Muslim countries and they’ll tell you how is really is. So, maybe there is some truth to this story. Regardless, he makes me sick no matter how or where he was raised. And I personally do believe he is bi-sexual.

    • Hollow,
      It must true ’cause it’s in the Nu Yawk Times! LOL

      • Oh yeaaa….good point. Shame on me. If the Nu Yawk Times says so then it HAS to be gospel. You’r right. What was I thinking? lol

    • My husband who is now deceased told me he got stuck in Mecca overnight while on business. This was not allowed and if discovered he would have been killed. He stayed in a hotel which did not have doors that could be locked and a man came in a layed down beside him for sex. He ran him off since he was not a homosexual. He was selling helicoptors to the Iranians which was probably why he was there. He flew helicoptors and lived in Iran for two years with a general. When he flew out to another country the women and daughters would ask him to buy them sexy lingerie and short skirts to be worn under their daily clothing which was covering them when they went out in public. At private parties in their homes off came the long garments and they were in these short skirts.

    • My kinfolk was over in Iran, Afga, he also told of this.

    • My bearded husband told me how Muslims tried to pic up on him in chatrooms, when he was incredulous and asked them if they realized he was a chubby bearded man.

  8. I remember reading a report from Bob Chapman’s Investment letter. The story relates to RICO investigation into the Vatican Bank. What was discovered was most of the members of Congress, excluding Ron Paul, had slush funds in their names or in trust for their kids. Hillary’s kids had many millions as did Barry’s. The smallest account was a million dollars and the largest was in the name of Chief Judge Roberts to the tune of one billion. (Yes, that’s with a ‘B.’) The thing that rocked me was all of the funds funding source was Geithner’s U.S. Treasury.
    This makes sense. It explains why Congress and the courts are doing the dog trick of laying down and playing dead. It also would be the first thing a criminal organization would do when taking control of the government by fraud.
    It’s pretty clear and cut dry in the academic community that have studied the November 22d event in Dallas, the country has been in the hands of the CIA since the assassination and coup 1963. Barry is a spook. His mom was a spook. Mom’s dad was a spook. The spook network included Geithner father’s relationship with Barry’s family. It makes perfect sense and is a natural thing for a criminal gang to do once in office to buy off, co opt, threaten, blackmail and cajole members in government just like Capone did in Chicago.
    Now this information has the chatter coming from a former Chief Operations Officer from Baer’s Bank Switzerland. He seems to have made copies of the financial information to disc. I don’t know who got the discs but it leads to the reports about the slush funds.
    Then things went cold.
    Now, if you were the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court and someone libeled you with something like this, I’m sure the kangaroo in a skirt could have found a law to put him in jail, or begin legal action in some way. Well, Judge Roberts has been mute. Like fellow gang members confronted with Building 7 remark “Building What?” Roberts is no doubt is doing the same, “Slush What?” And like Chomsky when asked to remark about the official fairy tale about 911, Roberts in no doubt saying something along the same lines; or “there are a lot more important things to be thinking about.”
    The government is rogue. It’s corrupt from the top down, bottom up, and inside out. The American people and the nation are doomed.

  9. Fedupwithmorons

    It’s forbidden so long as you don’t get caught!

  10. We need to fumigate the white house and all of Washington officals. that what we do when RATS take over.

  11. Racism @ it’s best…..let’s dig up dirt about all of the STEALING America, infecting Native-American’s with disease & STD’s, Klu Klux Klaning, molesting, selling babies from mother’s, husband’s from wives, slave owning a** descendants of a whole lot of former Presidents, current runners, & numerous leading government officials, if we’re gonna talk dirt! I can think of waaayyyyy more conversation that is extremely more relevant than hating that this BLACK MANS immediate ancestry wasn’t the hell of American Slavery! People please..grow up!!! Do me a favor, the next time u see a black man in public that doesn’t fit your “step & fetch” expectations, instead of cluthing your purse or tensing up…… Thank Him……thank him for the sacrifices of his ancestors for making this country the most powerful in the world because of their hundreds of years of FREE LABOR!!!!!! God Bless You & God Bless America

    • Racism, again? Yawn. Don’t you libs ever get tired of your race schtick?
      Can’t you libs come up with some other insult to hurl at us? Unlike you, we don’t judge Obama by the color of his skin; we judge him by the content of his character & his policies — $15 trillion national debt, double-digit real unemployment rate, Fast & Furious, the nixing the Keystone Pipeline, involving America in war after war, the losing of the war in Afghanistan, the refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in 2008, govt spending more than it’s taking in, 49.5% of Americans not paying federal income taxes, and above all, dividing Americans along race & class lines. Some post-racial president he turns out to be.
      To conclude, grow up!

    • Wow, history not your best subject?
      Raaaaacist? Do me a favor, come up with a more original thought.

    • Ok, read your history on the slavery,blacks were selling their own into slavery. I know it was bad back in the days, but how many black slaves are around? Your great great grandfather maybe, but not you!

    • Niki Obama is not Black. He is of mixed race and much more white than Black. I don’t like the white part any better. I much prefer a real Black than a fraud.

  12. Gins, I am late in coming to the table, but slavery is practiced today. By Muslims following Koranic teachings and sharia law. It includes making rape of the slaves an allowable (and presently practiced) activity. And slavery was increasingly conducted under Islam. These are truths that should be revealed in times of racial division and violence. Slavery is not legally conducted today under countries with laws compatible with Judeo-Christian values.

  13. Thank you for exposing Obama for what he really is.

  14. Meet Satan’s NWO family! Sorry, “Meet” should be replaced with the word “Recognize”, you have already met them, you just didn’t know who they were. There are many others who will soon be understood.

  15. Obama is the 2nd notably successful Manchurian Candidate.
    He is a product of post-MKULTRA era Mind Programming much like the Trauma/Torture Based Mind Kontrol methods that the Illuminati/CIA used/uses. That is why everything about his life is a LIE.
    He is a carefully controlled and manufactured Manchurian Slave.
    Very sad what these people are capable of doing. Thus imagine where his children really came from ? They didn’t come from Michael Obama.


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