Obama Mom's Signature on that Birth Certificate

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This morning, Obama finally took the bait dangled by Donald Trump and “birthers” and released his elusive long-form birth certificate that he had kept concealed for more than two years, at a cost of a rumored $1-2 million in lawyer fees.
No doubt an army of analysts and forensics document experts are examining the birth certificate as I write this post.
Looking at the birth certificate, specifically at the signature of Obama’s mom Stanley Ann Dunham Obama,  near the bottom of the birth certificate, which I’ve circled in yellow….

Obama's long-form birth certificate, released April 27, 2011

[Click image to enlarge]

I thought I should try to find online an image of her signature to compare.
I found one here — an image of Stanley Ann Dunham’s Social Security card. Take a look:

Does it look to you that the two signatures — the one on Obama’s birth certificate and the one on Dunham’s SS card — are made by the same person?
You don’t have to be a professional graphologist to see that the two signatures are wildly dissimilar.

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0 responses to “Obama Mom's Signature on that Birth Certificate

  1. lowtechgrannie

    I agree, the signatures don’t look very similar.
    For the record, the first 3 numbers of her Soc Sec card indicate she was living in Washington State when she applied for it — probably was a high school student living on Mercer Island who needed card for a part time job. That was common in the 1950s-early 1960s.
    My question is —- why are those numbers written faintly in pencil to the right of the typed information in some of those fields? What do they indicate? Very sloppy workmanship.

  2. Eowyn:
    It’s all fraud from THE FRAUD!

  3. She went to college in Washington state. In fact, she started classes 8/20/61 – two weeks after the baby’s birth. Sounds a little unlikely she could accomplish all that (have a baby, move to a new state across the ocean and start college) in the span of two weeks but what do I know 🙂

  4. When was this Social Security Card issued? If she was quite young when she got it, her signature could possibly have changed a lot over just a few years. I know mine did between my age 14 signature and my age 18 signature. Just a thought… 🙂

  5. Look, I dislike Obama as much as anyone, but is it not COMPLETELY obvious that the signature on the ss card image was drawn in, very badly, in photoshop? If we’re going to argue for the conservative side (and we should), let’s not make complete fools of ourselves by amateur fakes like this PLEASE.

  6. Mad Angel is on FB

    yeah I think you’re right Molly…..see ya back on FB! 🙂

  7. How do you know the signature on the SS card was drawn in on photoshop? For the sake of argument, what if it was not from photoshop, wouldn’t you agree that they are completely dissimilar? Even if a year lapsed, the signatures would not be that different.

  8. i guess at least you could say is that he is consistent.. consistently fraudulent
    fake, phony, worse than a used car salesman, lower that a tulip bulb, and the best part anyone that thinks this is another fake birth certificate is said to probably have racist issues. (yahoo news, today’s )

  9. Of course, I’m quite sure this is a fake, but if not.
    It is a crime to disseminate a Social Security number. You just committed a crime.
    Well Done.

    • Hey, Josh, do be so good as to point us to the specific law that makes “disseminating” a dead woman’s Social Security no. “a crime”? Oh, and while you’re at it, do be so good as to contact the FBI or your local law enforcement official to arrest Google ’cause I used Google Search to find that SS number! Let me make your job easier. Here’s the webpage that displays Dunham’s SS card:
      Come to think of it, it’s not Google’s fault, it’s the Internet’s fault! Since Al Gore said he invented the Internet, you should tell the FBI to go arrest Al Gore.

  10. Here’s the Juice: if this “birth certificate” existed three years ago, when the birth issue surfaced, Zero would have released it then and put an end to this discussion. He didn’t, because he couldn’t: it hadn’t yet been forged.


  12. Check the style of writing on the dates the doctor signed and the date she signed. They are very similar. Their signatures are too. Same slant and the letters look alike too.

  13. trent rockafeller

    if mr obama didn’t want to waste time on this little matter, the document should have been presented a long time ago, something stinks

  14. I would like to have the Source Image File of that Social Security Card
    can you tell me where you located it?
    Thank you.
    the SS Card signature doesnt match the one on the BC but Id need the closest to the origianal FILE of the image of the SS Card to be certain that IT was verifiable

  15. At this link you see both the card (which looks like it was signed electronically or something) and her application, on which her signature looks almost identical to the one on the birth certificate.

  16. So he was born out of country, so what is going to happen? Nothing

  17. The responses to ‘race’ on the BC are what catches my eye. She’s causcasian, but he’s African? African is not a race. It’s a nationality. Ask any caucasian who was born in Africa. The father’s race should have ‘negro’. That is how his race would have been identified, especially in the time era. People continually confuse race with nationality and ethnicity, even today.

  18. The photoshopped signature is legitimate, the rest of the card is forged.

  19. Please everybody, just look how pixelized the signature is. Nothing else on the card is showing pixels like that.
    Also, there was no electronic signing of a SS card in those days.
    Aside from the above which is proof enough, look at the signature, it looks like someone wrote it awkwardly with a mouse.

  20. actually the social security card is a fraud. Somebody has take the SS Card of Elvis Presley’s & put her name & number on. look up elvis’s & see the where there are spots & stuff on the card & compare it to this one of hers.


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