Obama's Medicare Czar Runs From Reporter

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Watch the unaccountable Donald Berwick, whom Obama appointed Medicare-Medicaid “Czar” during Congress’ recess, run from reporters, refusing to answer questions about his admiration for the UK’s nationalized “healthcare” system and the merits of healthcare rationing:

This man now wields power over a budget bigger than Pentagon’s and over the healthcare of 1 out of 3 Americans — you know, the “little people.”
Who does he think he is? Disgraceful!
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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0 responses to “Obama's Medicare Czar Runs From Reporter

  1. “Jason Mattera” is the MAN,he is well known for ambushing this bunch of crooks. These czars are as illegal as the “Fraud” in the White House. They have got to GO.

  2. Tina:
    How right you are about the administration and “POTUS”.
    Jason Mattera is author of Obama Zombies and a perceptive young man. Hope more of his generation are as sharp.

  3. It’s a matter before people decide enough is enough and demand their congressmen take action to correct this outrage. There are 42 illegal hirees………..czars………..who are wielding power no one person should have, budgets over which no one person should have control; all getting their marching orders from Obama the Dictator. Among them are marxists/communists, pedophiles, and eugenicists. Not one of them so far has proven to have any qualifications for the jobs they have been handed on a silver platter. NOT ONE OF THEM!

  4. Berwick is communicating that he is too good to answer any questions, that he is “above” answering them, which is reinforced by the amount of control and power he has – a kind of “let them eat cake” attitude. I once had a professor who refused to answer questions. When I asked a question and he refused to answer it, I said to him, “If you don’t have time for my questions, then I don’t have time for your class.” I walked out of class and reported the matter to the Dean. He changed his modus operandi! We are the “Dean” in this regard – we can get such Czars out of their position of power by our votes!

  5. What a coward. He could take a lesson from Christie who has the balls to answer questions.

    • The Snub (ignore it and it won’t exist; i.e., “Nyah, nyah, I’m not listening!”) from left/liberals shows they’re insecure wusses who can’t support their own argument.

  6. Truth: The left/liberal kryptonite.

  7. Medicare open enrollment kicks off today, bringing changes to seniors’ health insurance and drug plans.


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