Obama's Kenyan family doubts his parentage

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The Kenyan Daily Post reports, April 30, 2015, that less than 3 months before U.S. President Barack Obama’s “much hyped” visit to Kenya, “a debate has emerged over his true paternity with his family in Kenya now raising serious doubts about his real father.”
In an interview with film maker Joel Gilbert, the president’s half-brother Malik Obama said President Obama‘s “genes and behaviours were not from their family” and therefore the president could not be the son of Malik’s dad, Barack Obama Sr.

Note: Malik Obama is the son of Barack Obama, Sr. and his first wife, Kezia. Barack and Malik met for the first time in 1985 in Washington, D.C., and were best men at each other’s weddings.

Malik & Barack Obama
Malik accused Pres. Obama of being “an imposter” and that Frank Marshall Davis, Barack’s childhood mentor and known member of the American Communist Party, could be the real dad.
Malik said Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, might have slept with Davis because Barack does not at all resemble Obama Sr., but “looks just like” Davis. Malik said,

“Obama resembles . . . Frank [Marshall Davis] in many ways and is just a liar and mean like him. It is possible his mother messed around to give birth to him because he is definitely not the son of my father, Barack Obama senior — they have nothing in common.”

The Kenyan Daily Post says “Malik and his family have waged war against the U.S. President accusing him of being so cruel and mean to them. He regretted being Obama’s brother, saying the U.S. President was just using his Kenyan family for political expediency.”
H/t Birther Report and FOTM’s Anon.
So who do you think Obama’s real sperm donor is? Sound off in our poll! (h/t Birther Report reader smack)

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who is Obama's real dad

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0 responses to “Obama's Kenyan family doubts his parentage

  1. I think he LOOKS more like Subuh,but his behavior is unmistakably Satan.

  2. Satan’s spawn, of that I have no doubt!!

  3. Lance Jackson

    Ding ding ding! the votes are in. It looks like resident Lucifer’s daddy is Satan

  4. “saying the U.S. President was just using his Kenyan family for political expediency” Welcome to our world. The US is being used by him, too.

  5. traildustfotm

    I think he bears a strong resemblance to Malcom X.

  6. Exceptionally great post Dr Eowyn” Somehow my heart is cheered by reading that a spokesman from the “Kenyan O’bama” family speaking out that BHO does not look like, nor act like members of their family! That family must have some semblance of integrity. I have never thought that he could have been sired by O’bama Senior–the looks are just not there.

  7. You know, back in the day there was a chant in the Sixties: “Hey, hey, LBJ / How many babies / did you kill today?”
    Today, if we had stand-up youth to do so, it could be “Hey, hey, Obamamama,/who’s gonna claim you? /Even your daddy and mama don’t wanna!”

  8. I was thinking a toss up between subuh and X, but obama has black features, not Indonesian…so I’ll say X…he bears a striking resemblance to malcolm X. Seems everything about obama is nothing but deception.

    • Interestingly, according to https://www.proliberty.com/observer/20080904.htm:
      “One characteristic which cannot be attributed to his black Kenyan “father” or his white American “mother” is the color of his lips. BHO carries a trait unique to those born in southeast Asia, certain parts of the Middle East and northern Africa and is only visible in color photos and videos. Obama’s lips have a purple hue common to those born in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and in some Arab countries. It is a feature not found in black Africans, nor in African-Americans, yet BHO has it (Recall that the “Obama” name is also of Indonesian origin).”

      • What you said makes sense, Dr. Eowyn,
        I was leaning towards subu but the one thing that got me was his hair texture. obama doesn’t have the same hair texture as subu. What do you think explains obama’s hair texture?

        • That’s a good point, MomOfIV! Obama does have negroid hair.

          • maybe subuh is obamas father and his mother is a black woman..
            Maybe, it was decided that a white woman as his mother would secure votes from liberal white women and the black father would secure votes from blacks. He does look remarkably similar to subuh.
            I guess anything is possible here.

  9. Subuh

  10. He’s a Pathological liar and I doubt he really knows.. Myself, I vote for Frank Marshall Davis..

  11. Regarding hair texture, not sure if Stanley Ann is Obama’s mother.
    He’s a total fraud, so who’s to say.

    • Or, maybe, she just couldn’t remember who all she did it with… just sayin’. (As Hanlon’s Razor puts it: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”)

  12. I see the same crease in his upper lip as FMD, I see sèveral similarities including hand action with Mal X, I see facial similarity to Sudub, but nowhere do I see anything similar with Obama Sr. I do believe he was a father of convienence. Look how he abandoned him almost immediately.
    I also do not believe Stanley gave birth to him. She also, immediately abandoned him. He has been nothing as a tool to everyone in his life. He chose to use that for revenge, blaming the wrong people. His hatred of whites is evident, but, it was “his” white grandparents that took him him.
    Some of his features are hard to judge since he has had facial changes.
    Will we ever see the real truth? Probably not for several years, but all the locked up and sealed records tells me plenty.

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  14. Something I found a little funny is, when the relatives in Kenya wanted or needed bragging rights and perhaps “favors” from the U.S., they couldn’t get enough of BO. Now that he refused to help his ” brother” and no help is coming, and they see even BOs own party is backing away, they are backing away.
    Even BOs own employees thought he was going to lose in 2012 started looking back to Chicago for their old jobs.

  15. Pingback: Obama’s Kenyan family doubts his parentage -

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  17. Just remember: Malik was charged for terrorism in an international court for his actions with the muslim brotherhood in Egypt.
    I won’t jump on his bandwagon of truth all of the sudden. That would be like Hillary coming out and apologizing for Benghazi.

    • Thanks, 3%/Justin, for reminding us about Malik Obama being involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. However, that doesn’t necessarily discredit his and his family’s skepticism about Obama’s sperm donor. Those two are separate issues. Besides, it’s not as if Malik is the first or only person to raise doubts about Obama’s parentage. 😉

  18. Obama looks like his mother’s father. End of story.


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